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Plodding along with no resolution in sight, woe is me and all that crap

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So I suppose I should update people on what has happened with the house and things. Some people have been harassing me for information. I guess I have been feeling a bit weighed down by the stress of it all and have avoided blogging because I have been trying not to think about it.

Which is ridiculous because that is all I can think about all of the time.


They turned down our offer. They have decided to be as uncooperative as possible and simply counter-signed the contract at their original asking price, some $25k over our offer. We do not have that money.The house is not worth that even if we did.

We have made a second offer of a few thousand more. They are now taking the long weekend to consider it. I am not sure why they need to keep dragging this out. They have no other offers on the table. We know this now. They can either take our offer or keep their house basically. I think that they must believe we have a stack of cash up our sleeves and if they keep us waiting we will become desperate.

We have pretty much decided to walk away if they continue to be so unbending following this offer. If they attempt to negotiate properly we have a small amount of room to negotiate with them but we are pretty much at our limit now anyway.

The thing is, as soon as we saw this house, I knew it was ours. We both did. We went to the inspection knowing how much we were willing to offer. We already knew we loved it. IT IS OURS.

I will still be devastated if we do not get it but I am having to face the reality that these people do not seem to want to sell their house at any sort of reasonable price. In the end, we may be thwarted by their unrealistic expectations.

It also may not be the right time for us to buy.There seems to be obstacles erected at every turn. Now the mortgage people are saying their may be some problems securing a loan against Beefcake’s income as he earns in a foreign currency.

So, so stressful.The strain has caused me to be an emotional idiot. I do not cry well at the best of times. Give me an emotional movie or book plot and I’m away but my own real life crises do not lead me to shed tears easily. I am irritable and nasty. I had a good sob over something I read on the internet last night though. Sometimes a good cathartic weep is what’s needed.


The big kids are with their father and stepmother for a couple of days. We get them back tomorrow morning before we head to the in-laws for an Easter gathering. I have had two distressed phonecalls from Rhubarb because his quite highly strung stepmother had a fit and locked herself in her room. The reason? Her thirteen-year-old stepson wasn’t making polite enough conversation and she was angered, feeling that he didn’t like her. They were on their way somewhere and they turned the car around and went home for her to have her fit. Rhubarb hid behind the garden shed and called me. He told me she had also yelled at Poss.

It is quite comical really. Their father overheard Rhubarb talking to me and was concerned that he was talking to himself. He called Beefcake to ask if R had been in touch with us. They have interpreted Rhubarb’s monosyllabic grunting as depression and I think they felt he may be having some sort of episode. This is how in touch with Rhubarb they are.

They know him, not at all. He is a happy NORMAL teenager. He has heaps of friends and got a good report from school the other day. His stepmum had a big talk to Beefcake and we learned she has all sorts of bizarre ideas about the kids. It is such a strain for me not to march right around there and bring the kids home. Rhubarb insisted that he would like to stay but also said he doesn’t think he’ll be going back in a hurry.

We go round and round like this. He sees them. They are awful to him. He takes a break from seeing them and then gradually eases himself back into it and we are back where we started. They have no idea how to parent him and are not in touch with who he is AT ALL.


It is not all gloom and doom. We were gifted with zoo membership for Christmas last year and had not had a chance to use it. Today we decided to take the small ones so we packed a spur of the moment picnic and headed off for a few hours. It was thoroughly enjoyable. The four of us had a lovely time and because it was free we didn’t have to try to fit in seeing everything, squeezing every last cent out of the exorbitant entry fee. I think we will try and use it a lot from now on, we had a ball.

I will post some photos tomorrow, or not, you know how it is.


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  1. Well I’m so sorry to hear about the roadblocks on the house issue!! I was pulling for you. I hope you find something soon!!

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… To Claire, On Her Very First Birthday

  2. Oh God. Poor you. I sympathise so much with both situations but I really, really feel your pain about the kids. We have similar situations and it is so difficult to sit back when your children are distressed. You are doing the right thing, even though it feels so horrible.
    Lots of love to you.

  3. Oh God I sympathise. On ALL the issues.

    1. Keep your hopes up for the house. It’s a buyers market. I’m still keeping everything crossed for you.

    2. Poor Rhubarb!!! You know that I understand that side of things only too well. Thank god he has you and Beefcake to give him the true support and understanding and parenting that he needs. And for SM (Step Mother) to have yelled at Poss as well seems totally out of order. I don’t know the specific details, but I’m guessing she was in a foul mood and was taking it out on all around her. Poor Poss.

    Big Hugs. And Happy Easter! xoox

    Fe’s last blog post… Woof woof….

  4. I hope everything works out with the house. Hang in there!

    Leslie’s last blog post… Beware Of The Baby

  5. 2 summers ago I found the house of my dreams. I was willing to do ANYTHING to get this house. Turns out, even the most drastic measures didn’t ensure the house was mine. Here I am, house hunting again, new circumstances, much less stress, (of that kind anyway)and a clearer head, and I realize that it wasn’t the be all, end all.
    I realize now that everything does happen for a reason, and MY house is out there, somewhere, waiting for me.
    Yours is, too.

    Sherendipity’s last blog post… Sometimes you just have to sit back and reflect. Keep it safe.

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