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I blame the bunny

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Thanks to everyone who has been wishing us luck with the house and sending all that lovely good luckiness this way. We are both complete wrecks. We have banned ourselves from speaking about the house and still I find myself turning to Beefcake roughly every 3.5 seconds and asking him if he thinks we’ll get the house. He has tried to suggest that I “not worry my purdy little head about it” and let him be “the man” and deal with it. He was trying to be funny and make me feel better but of course I was forced to punch him in the ear.

To take out tiny little minds off of the worries we face, the Easter Bunny decided to run a special treasure hunt this morning instead of the usual “race about the garden frantically trying to gather the most eggs” type of hunt. Each child had their own set of clues to follow, which eventually led them to their basket of easter sugar (except for Grub who received a small toy and did not have to follow clues because she’s a baby and, despite being somewhat of a prodigy in the gross motor skills department, she cannot read). It was a raging success and I think we will employ this tactic again. All of the children were in delightful moods after the fun start to their day and we had a great day spending time together.

I decided to indulge in the chocolate today as well because there were mocha hot cross buns and dark chocolate bunnies for fuck’s sake. This, it turns out, constitutes a significant error of judgement on my part. The resulting sugar rush saw me engaged in several very energetic wii games, which involved dancing and other complicated moves of a physical and exercisey type nature. I was so hyped up I even challenged Rhubarb to a “cool moves” competition on the trampoline. I don’t really do cool moves on the trampoline as a rule (read – I don’t jump on the trampoline) so I should have known it was the sugar talking. I blame Beefcake, he stood by and judged the whole thing, he must have known how I would feel later (I won by the way but Rhubarb feels that the judging was not all above board).

To cap it off, we all went for a long walk and I borrowed Rhubarb’s bike and RODE for quite some distance. I did some chin-ups on some of the play equipment at the park and helped Rhubarb carry his bike home (he burst the inner tube doing something silly and was worried about damaging his rims on a completely flat tyre). Now, I don’t do chin-ups and this was only the second time I have ridden a bike in the last eight years or so.

I’ll bet you can imagine how I feel now.

I will be even worse tomorrow, which is not convenient as we are having a large family lunch. I will be cooking and cleaning all morning tomorrow feeling like an arthritic old lady.

It’s evil stuff that sugar. I don’t usually touch it that much. I don’t even like bloody milk chocolate and I have consumed enough of it today to put a whale into a diabetic coma.

I’m not too bright.  I am not a grown up. I shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions on my own.


Oh and Happy Easter!!


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  1. TFF (too f*cking funny)!

    Oh God I’m laughing just visualising your demonic sugar-induced exercise frenzy!!

    Oh yes, young lady. You’ll pay for it tomorrow.

    Can’t wait to read your post about how it all goes!

    (good luck, by the way xoxo)

    Fe’s last blog post… My beautiful boys….

  2. You crack me up! Sounds like a fun Easter!

    Leslie’s last blog post… I Always Thought It Was The Chocolate

  3. OK, just reading about your chinup workout made me feel like a big fat slacker. I’m impressed, even if you are walking around like a little old lady now!

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… Of Famous Babies and Underwater Squirrels

  4. Are you sure it was sugar, and not CRACK?? lol.

    We did an Easter Treasure Hunt for the kids as well. They’re 15 and 17, so looking for hidden Easter eggs is a little mundane.
    Brad and I decided that next year they need to do one for us, for a change.
    Happy Easter, my lovie. Thank you for coming over to my blog and saying just the right thing.

    Sherendipity’s last blog post… Sometimes you just have to sit back and reflect. Keep it safe.

  5. Oh wow, you really do have big things afoot. I hope you get that house! Oh and you know you’ve finally grown up when “substance abuse” equates to an over-indulgence in sugar.

    tinsenpup’s last blog post… Little Thought

  6. love the treasure hunt idea : ) and too funny about your sugar induced exersizey : ) he he he

  7. Sounds like a great time

    Suzie’s last blog post… Grandpa’s House

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