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Carbohydrate induced stupor

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Oh dear. I have been a bad blogger lately. In my defense, life has been very busy and tirey in recent days.

Beefcake’s father and his partner arrived from London on Staurday. We have spent the entire weekend (including today) enjoying gorgeous meals in restaurants paid for by them! Yay! The children were also thrilled to see them as the older two were gifted with foreign currency and Pudding recieved a spider which drops dramatcially from it’s string, like a web, when you shriek in it’s vicinity. Just ideal for him really. Grub recieved friggin’ DKNY baby clothes which are stunningly beautiful but I will be too afraid to ever put on her.

I can’t quite believe that I am tired of eating out but it really is an exhausting business. On the first day I was fine, merrily tucking in to posh fish and chips and oysters and things. Yesterday we visited another family member’s beautiful property in the Adelaide hills we ate way too much gorogeous food, we fed their horse and donkey, there was a tractor ride (rather ill-fated for the more “happy” of the adult partygoers) and we picked about six kilograms of crisp, juicy red apples from the trees that grow there (strictly on the neighbouring property but we needn’t yell too loudly about that). Today we had breakfast, lunch and dinner in different restaurants. All of our meals were excellent. I had scrambled eggs, bacon and mushrooms for breakfast (note to self: You don’t drink coffee, two cups in quick succession, no matter how delicious, will give you the shakes), all sorts of Greek dips and calamari and fried cheese for lunch and then a way too large portion of divine seafood pasta for dinner. I am slightly ashamed to say that I capped off dinner with a slice of toblerone mousse tart because OMFG toblerone mousse tart! Anyway, with each meal I have had a little bit more trouble heaving myself off of the chair. I have established a sizeable paunch in just these three days. It is very lucky that they live so far away these days. I had forgotten how they enjoy their food. Crazy.

I had one of those surreal parenting moments in the carpark when we arrived for dinner tonight, one of our favourite restaurants by the sea. It is a little pricey and we never get to go any more because we can never justify it and it is not really a family type restaurant. I was giving Grub a quick feed in the car before we went in and the kids were cavorting in amongst the parked cars and dodging the  moving cars singing “Can we do and Irish jig? Irish jig, Irish jig”. Beefcake and I were chatting away about the mortgage or kitchen cupboards or something. It occurred to me then that we have become so tolerant of the crazy, we don’t even notice it. A survival mechanism of some sort I suppose. I guess I would rather be desensitised than be the parent that is bright red in the face trying to control the unruly brood.  The next thing you know, Beefcake’s Dad turns up with a large cowboy style rifle, complete with targets etc for Pudding. Pudding spent the rest of the evening walking around saying “I have a really big gun!” to anyone who he could pin down for a moment. My children are not the loud and horrible children by any means but they certainly are free-spirited and independent minded.

In the wake of all of that eating I am now retiring to my bed with a book. Oh the exciting life I lead.


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  1. sounds like a nice bit of pampering–the lovely food and eating out : ) good for you. and spirited kids are great really–i have 2 of those myself.

    creativekerfuffle’s last blog post… and the weiner is…….

  2. I think Im ammune to the crazy myself

    Suzie’s last blog post… I Got IT!

  3. Crazy, what crazy? That is just a whole world of normal isn’t it; eating out, kids having fun, over indulging, the whirlwind of life with kids. I have to say I do enjoy the peace and quiet!

    del’s last blog post… Day 1 and Back at Work

  4. Mmmm….that all sounds lovely. I love eating food that I haven’t had to prepare, but 3 meals out a day with children is a bit too much to take long term.

    badness jones’s last blog post… @$*&%# Murphy!!!!

  5. Yum. Al that food sounds yummmmy. You’re a braver woman that I venturing out in public, a restaurant no less, with all your kiddos! Pudding sounds a lot like my Older One– so cute!

    Magic Mom’s last blog post… Long Time, No See

  6. OMFG toblerone mousse tart!

    Where in God’s name does one find that…I need one. Now. A recipe might be fine, cuz I’ll stab anyone that tries to make me screw it up.

    Antoinette Meaterson’s last blog post… The reason I have two children is….

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