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Look, it's pretty, no?

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You like??

If you are in a reader then you will just have to click through (or use your imagination). It’s pretty and has things and it’s nightimey and there are trees. Wow, I should be a writer or something because the way I conjure up an image with my words is something quite special.

I have a very short attention span. It is a miracle that the previous theme lasted as long as it did. I love this one now. It is my new special, precious favourite, for the next couple of months at least. I am a fickle, fickle creature.

It will have another sidebar at some point and I am moving things about and changing things but I think it’s real purdy.

I am on pelvis rest (because, you know, I am able to be so active normally and rest to spare my pelvis is so unusual) and I am bored and thus we have new blog theme.

I wish I were more exciting.

We met with the bank this morning and they told us that they couldn’t tell us if we would get approval but what did we think? We said that we thought we probably would and they said that although they were not allowed to say so they thought that we were right. I think it was nice of them to give us the secret “not really telling you because I don’t want to get into trouble” reassurance. If they are wrong I fully intend to sue or something.

We feel very much better. We will be moving into our new house on the 29th or 30th of May. I will have to wait to post pictures because I want to take them myself rather than refer people to the real estate site, which gives the full address of the house. You know, because naturally there are all sorts of people out there who would be interested in stalking myself and my family in little old Adelaide. You can never be too paranoid, I say.

Well, I have certainly stretched a post that essentially existed just to say “Look, I have a new theme” to it’s absolute limits so I shall be off. I must try and plan how we will afford to put a new  kitchen in the new house asap. It is possible I will be crotcheting all the cupboards or something, which would be fine if I crotched but could prove quite difficult since I do not.


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  1. Wow! I love the theme!!

    And I’m thrilled the bank IS going to lend you the money.


    Fe’s last blog post… UNbelievable….

  2. Very purdy indeed. Butterflies with flowery trees are just what every blog needs I feel. I shall adapt mine immediately. I also want some girly loveliness.

    And yay on the money front. Fingers crossed that it all goes through

    Homeofficemum’s last blog post… Reflections and preparations

  3. Oooh, purdy…

    Maybe the bank has a new self-assessment policy to reflect the state of the economy. “Should we give them a crapload of money?”; “Gosh, I don’t know, let’s ask them if they think they should get it.” “Hmm, great idea. They should know better than anyone if they’re going to pay it back.” “Oh, you think you’re going to get the money? Well, we have a FEELING you may be right. He he he…”

    tinsenpup’s last blog post… Little Thought

  4. #1- Oh, I do love Scrobblescratch themes! They are my pretty, pretty princesses.
    #2- Oh pelvic rest! Ouch! Feel better quickly!
    #3- You can NEVER be to paranoid. I’ve TOTALLY had, like, TWO stalkers myself, so I know that of which I speak. YEEKS! Srsly, guard your address with YOUR LIFE.
    And, I’m out!

    Magic Mom’s last blog post… Long Time, No See

  5. Your blog is soooooo purdy!!! I love it. At first I forgot where I was. But then it all came back to me.

    I am sooo soooooo sooooooooo excited for you and the house!!! I am keeping all my fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly. Good luck!!

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… Fat Girls Club, Week 7: Stress. It Does a Body Good

  6. Wow, I’ve just checked out Hyphen Mama’s gorgeous masthead and now you’ve souped up your blog with that beauteous ‘nightimey’ look (good word). Are you both graphic designers? Were do you get you pics – I think it might be time to give blogspot the old heave-ho.

    Keeping fingers crossed about the house (when they’re not busy cleaning up baby poop).

    Alison’s last blog post… Things I’d Forgotten About Newborns

  7. i’m so excited for your new house : ) yeah. and i commented on another post about loving the new digs. so very creative and pretty. i have no web/blog creative talents so i covet those in others : )
    ok, so this might be a totally ignorant question (i should google this instead but i’m not going to) you are in adelaide; i have read there are little penguins (yes, that’s their actual name) that live in southern australia and nz and tasmania. might there be penguins where you live? (i’ll wait while you laugh your head off at the ignorant american : ) i only ask because i love penguins! )

    creativekerfuffle’s last blog post… good day sunshine

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