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  1. OH God I can relate. Except that I would never be able to write such a blatantly logical post about my PMT related bad days. I’m too busy hating my computer.

    And I cannot add one single good thing about being all fertile and menstrualy again. Not one.

    Sorry. xoxoxo

    Fe’s last blog post… That was a long time between posts….

  2. I agree – I never lost any weight when I was breastfeeding. It wasn’t until I stopped that I started losing weight. So yay for periods! (?)

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… Fat Girls Club, Week 7: Stress. It Does a Body Good

  3. Best part about getting your period? It means you’re not pregnant!

  4. I’m not sure I have any Best Part of Getting Your Period Back positives for you, so I think I’ll just go with what my mom told me: The best part about getting your period, sweetheart, is that now it means your a WOMAN. Gee, thanks mom. It really helped me then (not), but maybe it’ll help you now.

    Magic Mom’s last blog post… More on The Good Doctor.

  5. I am guessing that this (being PMT and not your post) could be the real reason I crawled back into bed and slept away most of the day yesterday. I still try celebrate Aunt Flo’s arrival because it means that I am not pregnant and I/we struggle with contraception.

    del’s last blog post… A Weird Weekend

  6. Oh you poor thing. Hormones are the bitch, not you. I hope you had wine and chocolate as treatment. And men should NEVER arc up at you when you have a hormonal flare. And they should know that by now too.

    Stomper Girl’s last blog post… The week that was.

  7. seriously i don’t know one good thing about periods. i sometimes wish for menopause : ) and i so get what you said about when you know you are bitchy and beefcake knows you are hormonal and bitchy so he should know better than to even argue. why don’t guys get that??? like, hello, i’m pmsing or just in general having a bitchy day, do not screw w/ me and if you do and i react to that it is still your fault. hmmph.

    creativekerfuffle’s last blog post… good day sunshine

  8. Oh yes. The you are not pregnant thing I so get. We too are rubbish with contraception and it is always such a relief.

    You forgot the eating chocolate thing. I do it all the time, but I like to have a good excuse and being hormonal is one of them.

    Otherwise I totally get where’ you’re coming from. I want to kill everyone right now. I’m sure my period is due. That and the swollen boobs, swollen belly and giant spot fest on my chin are just adding up nicely.


  9. Absolutely, positively not one good thing about having a period! NOT ONE. I used to make signs to put around the house that read “Caution: I have PMS”. Mr Hyphen knows to step lightly.

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