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Nothing to say so why am I here

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Well we were waiting on the house valuation for the bank on order to get our final loan approval. We got word yesterday that the house valuation was “in line with the purchase price”, which I assume means we weren’t stupidly paying too much. Yay! Woohoo!……………

……”Oh, um, hang on there. The valuer did say that he recommends a structural inspection before we can proceed. If you have one can you send it to us”.

We have owned a few houses. We have owned older houses in need of major renovations. We know what’s what. Beefcake went around to the house during cooling off and spent a couple of hours going over it himself. He had a long list of things to check and he was pretty thorough. This is useless for the bank, of course. They require a proper paid-for stuructural inspection. I could punch the house valuer in the throat. We know that the structural inspection will come back fine but it is $400 we didn’t want to spend. It is probably just because the house was built in 1895. Frustrating.

Anyway, it takes place tomorrow morning  and so we are once again waiting and hoping that all will be well. I had a nightmare last night that the vendor decided to put it back on the market and not sell to us because we were “stuffing them around”. This is not possible but it is obviously fucking with my mind. I will be relieved when we can get the report to the bank and receive our final approval. Until then I will just go about grumbling and muttering to myself about stabbing the house valuer in the ear*.

I am still totally foul and grumpy, for all of the reasons I have previously mentioned. I will not whine about it again. I may however take a couple of days off from the blogging. I am sure there are many funny and entertaining things that I could write about but I have no inclination. It feels like a chore at the moment, instead of the joy that it usually is.

I’m sure I’ll be all better next week.

*All of these references to throat punching and ear stabbing make me sound a violent and volatile creature. I am not, I am a delicate petal and I am all about the nonviolence. Really. I just use those words to channel my frustration. In real life I am playing the harp and tending my pots of delicate indoor plants as I float serenely around my house, dressed in  a perfect, neat, clean, floaty white dress. I am not crouched in the corner, clutching my laptop, wearing a cruddy, stained tracksuit, rocking back and forth and  muttering to myself.


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  1. Oh, good luck good luck good luck!!! I’ll be so glad when you finally get this behind you! I know you will be so relieved!!

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… The Final Countdown

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  3. I’m not crouching in a corner, clutching my laptop, rocking back and forth either. No I’m not. And whomever said that I was is a stinky liar. Yes they are. Okay? xx

    Fe’s last blog post… That was a long time between posts….

  4. Ugh. Houses can be such pains in the asses. Here’s hoping you get through it relatively pain free! Feel better soon!

    Magic Mom’s last blog post… Wadrobe Malfunction Tuesday: Blast From the Past

  5. IM a delicate petal too but latelty I totally identify with wanting to punch someone in the throat

    Suzie’s last blog post… I Should Be Ashamed

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