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A pox on all parents who organise themed dress-up parties

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Probably not the thing to say given the current hysteria surrounding swine flu at the moment but in the name of all that is

Poss has a party to go to tomorrow. It is a Disney themed party of a younger friend of hers. If there is anything I loathe more than a themed dress-up party, which requires me to put together a clever, impressive and not at all shameful and embarassing costume for my child, it is a Disney movie. We have had to google Disney movies in order to select a character for her to impersonate. We are now in a tie between Cruella de Vil, Pocahontas and a the plate of spaghetti shared by Lady and the Tramp.

In addition to my distaste for the task of costuming my ten-year-old a la Disney, Poss has chosen today, the afternoon during which I should be planning said costume to be a right pain in my arse.

Oh and , delightful! Rhubarb has just entered and informed me that he has his frst soccer game of the season tomorrow. He has had no practice yet – oh, wait up, yes, he missed that, was yesterday. I have been nagging, he has been assuring me that he has no information to provide. It is ten past five on a friday. He has a soccer game at 9.30am tomorrow morning. He has no soccer gear. No boots or shinpads that fit. I am not best pleased.  He shall have to wear last years. They will not fit well.

I shall now be racing back from soccer to try and dress Poss in time . Sounds relaxing.

Anyway, back to Poss. She wants to be Cruela but she would like a wig if possible. Pig’s bum. I am not throwing away money on a wig that will be worn once.

She thought perhaps we could buy a can of spray-in hair colour for her so that she can have one side black and one white. Apparently brown and white would not be authentic enough and we couldn’t have that now, could we?

I am just fucked off with the whole thing. We are dead broke for the rest of the month. If I am super careful and an absolute goddess of the budget and the meal planning then we may be able to eat something other than rice and pencil shavings for the next three weeks. There is no room to buy hair paint. God only knows what we will do for a gift. I may perhaps have to fashion something pretty from  something I have in the pantry. Do nine-year-old girls like canned tomatoes and coconut cream? I’m pretty sure I have that.

Surely the other mothers are not relishing the idea of having to pull a costume together.

Surely other mothers are irritated by the party concept.

Surely other mothers do not have a gift planned and purchased.

My poor children. They are doomed.

Wish Poss luck. She may well need it.

I might just post pictures.


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  1. Ouch, you sound like you have one hell of a day ahead of you. Any chance Poss would be happy with being Cinderella at the party, before the fairy god mother visited? Good luck.

    del’s last blog post… Another Night Out OR Boy’s Night In

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only mom who finds birthday parties stressful. Some of the ones we have been to lately have to have cost hundreds. I know Logan has it in the back of his mind that his will be just as grand. Now what??

    Good luck at Poss’s party!

    HeatherPride’s last blog post… Finding Center

  3. Even our not so glamorous parties here drive me insane. I can’t imagine telling my guests to dress up. I’m having 4 4-5 year olds over next weekend and I’m already having stomachaches about what to do with them. What do you do after you’re all dressed up??? This idea intrigues me, but not to the point I’m going to
    look into it. :)

    I’d invite you over for hot dogs and ramen, but the trip alone would kill ya :) Chin up dear!

    Antoinette Meaterson’s last blog post… musical musings….

  4. That’s annoying as hell. It’s not bad enough that you have to come up with a great gift that the birthday kid will love, but you have to shell out cash to fashion a COSTUME!!?? When it’s not even Halloween??!!
    Screw that. I’d be so miffed.
    I do LOVE Del’s idea of pre-glam Cinderella. I think that’s awesome.
    Good luck, hon!

    sherendipity’s last blog post… And the winner is…….

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