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I’m not sure what keeps happening to me at the moment. I mean to blog but I end up not being able to find the time. Last night I just lay down for a brief nap when I put Grub to bed and when I woke up it was after midnight. I had a cup of tea and went back to sleep. Pitiful. Although I am not going to poopoo actually being able to sleep with ease. I am in one of my rare insomnia-free phases and I must try to make the most of it.


Thanks to all who reassured me that my social ineptitude was not as dire as I may have believed. I will take heart and hope that the next playgroup is less stressful.

Speaking of stress, organising this move is beginning to leave me a bit frazzled around the edges. I have successfully pushed my obsessive organising and planning to the back of mind, soothing myself and muttering that I will be allowed to think about that next week, it won’t help to plan it all in minute detail now.

I fear we have come to the end of that phase of my obsessive planning. Now comes the laying awake at night, rehearsing how we will organise it all until I have a minute by minute plan for every person involved.

I am not inflexable, I will happily revise my plan as need arises but it makes me feel oh so virtuous and infinitely more calm if I have lists and lists of lists and a set of jobs for everyone and perhaps a colour coded wall chart. Who knows. I have thought of writing a flow chart so that Beefcake and the children and our one or two helpers will know where they must be and when. Just to streamline things. I can’t rule it out.


I haven’t written about my Mother’s Day. Mostly because I wouldn’t want any of you to think badly of my mean and ungrateful husband and children. Let me just briefly say that I was underwhelmed by the love that was shown to me. In the end, I did recieve a cookbook, which was purchased by my family at lunchtime on Mother’s Day while I was in the bookshop. Although I was a touch displeased about their lack of appreciation the recipe book is rather nice. This past weekend I made a brownie recipe from the book. I had never made brownies before. They are extremely rich and I would like to curl up in bed with a whole pan of them all to myself. In an attempt to avoid this, I cut the brownies into individual serves and froze them so that we could get them out one at a time and zap them in the microwave. This was a mistake. It may have prevented an initial binge on the weekend but it has not prevented me from returning to the freezer at least once each day so that could have a brownie. I am going to be brave and try to go brownie free tomorrow. Writing it here is meant to harden my resolve. I shall let you know.


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  1. Oh Ali. That’s a bummer about Mothers’ Day. I hope Beefcake turns it into a learning experience for next year. ((((( hug )))))

  2. I made sure mothers day went well I emailed my hubby what I wanted where to get it. I arranegd for the brunch and even the card and it was great. Dont take it personally men folk just arnt so good at that type of stuff. I bet they love you plently

    Suzie’s last blog post… My Printer Is Possesed

  3. Hmmm….when we went shopping on Mother’s Day it was at Toys R Us and the kids each got a new scooter. I got a card from the Princess that she made at school, and a card from my nephew. Hubs is pathetic at holidays. I’m thinking that I should set up a trust with a personal shopper so if I die my children won’t have spend the rest of their childhoods present-free.

    badness jones’s last blog post… Sometimes the world sucks.

  4. I am so impressed at the whole freezing brownies thing. That showed great cunning. A shame you outwitted yourself, but that’s exactly what I would have done!!

    Please, please, please, come and help me next time we move. I think I am in love with your flow charts.

  5. The Him told me that he wasn’t supposed to get me anything for mother’s day because HE ISN’T MY MOTHER. Um, excuse me, did I NOT BEAR YOUR CHILDREN? They are under 6 and thus unable to procure cards and flowers themselves and, clearly, they can’t bring me breakfast in bed. I totally feel you. Also, flow charts? Aces!

    Magic Mom’s last blog post… Wadrobe Malfunction Tuesday: Blast From the Past

  6. It appears that Mothers Day only works if you can get a girlfriend to shop for something decent on behalf of the kids, otherwise you end up with a forgotten or a DIY day.

    As for being able to freeze brownies, I am impressed. I have been known to whip up a batch of brownies and eat the entire mixture before cooking it (twice in one day if I am being honest).

    del’s last blog post… The Louse Prevention Scheme

  7. I remember baking brownies while my kids were at school, they were meant to be an after school snack. Of course I had to taste test, first a warm from the oven one, later a cooler one, a couple of cold ones with coffee, then of course I had to try them after I had applied chocolate icing….Sometimes I’d make a second batch so the kids would actually get some, sometimes I’d clean up the baking things and pretend I hadn’t baked that day….

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