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Blogging from my husband's computer because the new internet connection isn't working even though I've been waiting all week and I am dying of interent withdrawals

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The situation, as you may have gathered from the title, is dire. The interent was supposed to go on today. We were too busy* until after business hours to actually check that it was working. It was not. I am using the backup wifi on Beefy’s computer. The stupid help desk person has told us someone will call tomorrow or maybe the day after. This is not satisfactory. I am miserable. I had planned a glorious night of wading through the hundreds of blog entries clogging up my feed reader. So, so sad.

Beefcake’s keyboard has a dreadful action that I loathe and it is larger than mine in order to accomodate his dinner plate hands. I keep hitting the enter key by accident and it is making typing this a complete chore.


Bullet points:

  • Move went well, although I have never been more exhausted or sore or swollen pelvised in my life. We shall never move again.
  • The new house is slightly more in need of renovation than we had deluded ourselves into believing but it is still lovely and more importantly, it is ours.
  • The new house desperately needs a kitchen. The current kitchen consists of two cupboards, a sink and a manky old stove. No benches, no other cupboards. Nothing. We had the ultimate day of shopping high yesterday and purchased super special, very swanky oven, rangehood and dishwasher as well as new kitchen from large Swedish flat-pack icon. Much money was spent. This was quite scary but all in all we are very excited.
  • We must now prepare the room and install the kitchen before Beefcake’s leave ends. He returns to work on Monday. We may have our heads up our arses.
  • The plumber told us that he would come towards the end of the week to do the plumbing work that needs to be done before we can install the kitchen. We are now both paranoid that he meant next week, which would be an absolute disaster.
  • We have no connection for the washing machine either, it really would be a disaster.
  • We are okay with DIY. We have renovated two other houses. We do tend to fly by the seat of our pants though**. Pray to the gods of DIY and renovations.
  • Pudding was so bored when we were very busy this afternoon that he decided to copy the dog and poo in the back yard. He ran the idea past Beefcake first but was not deterred by being told “no”. I was not best pleased.
  • The dog was confused by her new doggy door for the first 24 hours and peed in the house as well as whimpering by our bedroom door that she was busting to go outside at 6am. I was not best pleased.

* Beefcake needed to “chase” channels into the walls to conceal electrical cabling. He did this with an angle grinder. He did not take appopriate steps to protect the contents of the back part of the house from brick dust. It took us four hours to clean up all the gritty red clay dust. Dish pan hands have a new poster girl.

** By fly by the seat of our pants I mean we laugh at the thought of stupid things like planning for prevention of billowing clouds of bright red dust filling the house.


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  1. i LOVE the title, HATE that you don’t have internet access and LOVE that you are in YOUR house and renovating your kitchen! : ) pudding unleashing himself in the backyard is hysterical! and i love that swedish flat-pak place soooo very much. will you show pics of before and after your renovation? i LOVE stuff like that. i hope the plumber meant this week and not next!

    creative kerfuffle’s last blog post… crass

  2. So glad to hear you’re in the house and all good.

    Sucks about the internet though. I nearly went insane when I had to do without.

    bevchen’s last blog post… Running around town trying to figure out who can help

  3. oh good. You are in. I have been worrying about you all week. Am v excited about all your diy doings and the pooh in the garden made me laugh. Thank god it’s not just my children.xx

  4. Glad to hear you made it to YOUR new place. My fingers are crossed for you in wishing the internet and plumbing gods will get their acts together and let you enjoy your new place. Can’t wait for photos!

    del’s last blog post… Moving On

  5. Glad to hear that the move went well. Squee for a new kitchen! Boo for having to yet install it.

    Veronica’s last blog post… And then, I choked on a hair…

  6. This is all very exciting! I hope you post pics of the renovation!

    Hyphen Mama’s last blog post… What’s the going rate to hire somebody to potty train my kid?

  7. The poo in the backyard made me cackle…I’m sorry, but that’s just funny. I still marvel at what makes little kids come up with those ideas.

    Antoinette Meaterson’s last blog post… Random Tuesday Thoughts

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