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I announce my presence

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I have internet connection. Oh the joy!

It is a touch worrying that my feed reader says 1000+ items as opposed to giving an actual number. I have some significant catching up to do so I will be around peoples blogs trying to do just that. I suspect I will be doing nothing but reading blogs for the next few days, but that’s okay with me.

We are having trouble getting the plumber to come. I have an oven, rangehood and dishwasher in my lounge room and an entire kitchen’s worth of packages on the back veranda. It is a touch frustrating but as it has only been a week I should count my blessings, I think. We have a lovely new home and I am very lucky to be getting a pretty new kitchen. I feel a  bit wrong to complain about the unreliable plumber.

So, look for me in your comments, people. I can’t wait to read what you people have been doing.

P.S. I think I may have a slight dependance on the internets. I have been feeling mighty low without my blog to write and other blogs to read. Is it wrong to need the internet so?


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  1. Yippee!So glad to hear you’re back online.

    Is it wrong to need the internet so? I’ve no idea, but if it is wrong then we can both be wrong together.

  2. Welcome back!

    If it’s wrong, then many, many of us share your affliction.

    Lara’s last blog post… Yuck!

  3. if it’s wrong then i don’t want to be right! i’m excited about your new kitchen! i SOOOO want to remodel ours, thanks to those damn hgtv shows.

    creativekerfuffle’s last blog post… focus; kung fu; a crippling syndrome; wind and climbing

  4. Yay! I hope maybe you’ve got an appointment with the plumber. Or maybe it’s like it is here, where he gives you a range of “sometime this week” and shows up whenever he finishes his last project.

    I have hardly posted lately, so that’s ONE blog you won’t be spending tons of time catching up. You’re welcome.

    Hyphen Mama’s last blog post… What’s the going rate to hire somebody to potty train my kid?

  5. Yay for your home. belated yay for your soon to be kitchen. If it is wrong I am coming to hell with you.

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