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Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, Mummy!

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Really, I’m not sure where my time goes.

Right now I am “looking after” the children. They are watching Playschool. Well, Pudding is watching Playschool, one hand in my cardigan pocket the other feeding his plastic builders ruler through the buttonhole as he nags me to put a youtube episode of 80’s transformers on for him. Thank you Beefcake for introducing him to that. Grub is slowly but surely unpacking the large bookcase in the corner, taking special care to tear dustcovers as she goes. Oh, hang on, now she is trying to scale the tv cabinet in an attempt to grab a dvd she has spotted. So, yes, the term “looking after” should be applied loosely here.

The problem is, I am finding it increasingly difficult to find two unencumbered seconds in which to write anything on my blog. By the time I have my hands free in the evening (which by the way never happened last night as Grub insisted she be held ALL NIGHT) I am too exhausted to talk or think or blog.

Pudding is feeling poorly. He…

….Slight break there where I was forced to dash across the room and rescue my precious, precious iphone from pudgy little hands (it is good for banging on the floor by the way) and then kiss and console very pissed off baby.

Yes, Pudding. He has a high fever. Probably the Swine flu. He is very lacklustre, demonstrated by the fact that he is sitting next to me as opposed to leaping about between the couch and ottoman shouting about pirates or boxing. Poor litttle love. His usually fair complexion is positively ghostlike in it’s paleness today. I hate it when he is sick, although I should be grateful that he is being still and quiet it’s too unnerving for me.

The big kids have gone to their Dad’s as he has returned from his European holiday. It is a public holiday. Everyone else in Australia is off work but Beefcake works for a UK company so he is working upstairs.

It is cold.

Time is up.

Being yelled at by baby. Must be held and boobed. Pudding saying Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, Mummy on repeat is now half on my lap.

I have no photos or anything interesting to post. It’s a wonder that I have bothered to write this but I am filled with guilt at the post free days on my blog.

There will be no proofreading. I’m living on the edge.

The end.


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  1. Oh poor you. I hope that you get a reprieve from the madness of demanding children and illness some time really soon. Take care.

    del’s last blog post… My Eight

    • Thank you love. I think my insanity is enhanced by the lack of kitchen and the presence of a dishwasher (in box) in the lounge room. I will be able to cope with anything once my new and shiny kitchen is in. ;)

  2. Oh dear is it wrong that I am giggling away down here? I clicked over from Veronica’s. My youngest is nearly 15 and somedays he still makes my ears bleed with his constant chatter. When the children had stopped breastfeeding and I wasn’t such a zombie I found that by getting up 1/2 an hour before everyone else I managed to have some sanity-saving peace and quiet. It wasn’t until Veronica was in about grade 2 that I actually started to enjoy being up so horribly early.. cheers Kim

    • Not wrong at all Kim, if I didn’t laugh about it I’d probably cry (actually I do that too). I know that this will pass (am also lucky enough to have a 13yo and a 10yo). Doesn’t make it any less tiring right now though!

  3. Hugs. Does it make you feel better that the same thing is happening to me over here on the other side of the world….or does that just make you realize that there’s no where to run away to….

    badness jones’s last blog post… I’m in love with my boy….

  4. Poor you. I hope things settle down soon… and you get your kitchen sorted.

    bevchen’s last blog post… I have forms coming out of my ears!

  5. I can so entirely relate. I’ve been wiped out lately, and (gasp) falling asleep at night instead of blogging. I know I need the sleep, but it makes me feel like there’s no time left for me.

    I hope everyone’s feeling better, and that you catch a break.

    alejna’s last blog post… May Just Posts

  6. Oh, the blog guilt! And here we started blogs to do something for ourselves and for HAPPINESS, yet here we are feeling all guilty for not posting on a regular basis. I continue to post semi-weekly. Who has the time?!

    Hyphen Mama’s last blog post… I have a dirty little secret

  7. You poor thing I feel for you I really do sounds like 4pm at my house

    Suzie’s last blog post… My Own Little Panic Attack

  8. Oy, poor you. Hope Pudding gets well soon.

    Stomper Girl’s last blog post… The Proper Way…

  9. I know just how you feel. I’ve got it going on, too.

    Leslie’s last blog post… I Keep Humming That Mungo Jerry Song*

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