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….And now with only a slight delay I present to you the kitchen of blood, sweat and swears

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As promised (but rather later than I had originally intended) I present to you the evidence that we are hardcore DIY ninjas. img_2743

This is the before picture. As you can see, it was a well-equipped, luxury kitchen. Note the sleek lines of the stylish appliances and the quality cabinet-making that have been used to create this prince among kitchens. You are all wondering why we needed to replace it, aren’t you? Only a fussy and demanding shrew would not be satisfied with cooking in such a kitchen.

Now, I just want to preface the photos of the kitchen that we have put in with a note that it is not finished. We must tile and there will be  a rangehood (currently in box in Rhubarb’s room), wall cupboards and another large pantry thingemy and a table that Beefcake and I are planning to create that will mould around the fireplace. I will try to update as we get stuff done. This is only the first bit. The bit we absolutely had to have to function as a family in this house. The rest will come bit by bit as we can afford it etc.

So, drumroll please…………………..


The new kitchen.

Oops, it is covered in mess from Grub’s party today. Nevermind, you get the idea.

I love it.

I especially love the dishwasher – and my oven. The oven love is a sort of a muted joy because it is still not wired in. The gas stovetop works but the electrician must come and assist us with the oven part. I had to do the baking for Grub’s party at my sister Patchouli!’s place. Can’t bring myself to be too sad about that though because I have a kitchen! The electrician might want to move his arse though because I imagine I will not be as cheery about it in a couple of weeks time.

I will post about Grub’s party tomorrow as I am knackered.

Must sleep now.



17 responses

  1. Stunning!!!

    Sleep well. xox

    Fe’s last blog post… I don’t really have the words…

  2. Oh wow, I wish I was that competent! It looks great.

    tinsenpup’s last blog post… You Need to Go

    • Ta. Becoming good at handy things took us some years and lots of fuck ups. Mind you, this Swedish kitchen was pretty darn easy to put together. Fingers crossed that my tiling skills are up to scratch for the next bit!

  3. Beautiful! I’m very jealous. But happy for you, of course.

    badness jones’s last blog post… Garbage Picker

  4. …And how cool is that window too?

    tinsenpup’s last blog post… You Need to Go

  5. It looks fantastic!

    Veronica’s last blog post… An Elaboration.

  6. Gorgeous, you guys have done a great job. The only thing missing from our kitchen is a range hood too, we have had one sitting in our garage for nearly two years now!!

    Sarah’s last blog post…

  7. Phwoar!

    Your kitchen fu is indeed legendary.

    Lara’s last blog post… Life is full of challenges

  8. Fantastic work, the kitchen looks great. My guess is that if you can successfully translate the installation instructions, tiling will be a breeze.

  9. Massively impressive. And that you did it together makes it even more so. What a great improvement.

    Stomper Girl’s last blog post… Expectations Exceeded

  10. Huge improvement. Looks lovely.

  11. Wow!!

    That looks amazing! You have done a wonderful job.

    Hyphen Mama’s last blog post… Letters to the Universe

  12. Gorgeous! I LOVE it!
    .-= Leslie´s last blog ..The Hump Day Haiku B.I.L.F. – This Simple Life =-.

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