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First birthday: now with more pretty

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The birthday party yesterday was quite fun. I dressed Grub up like a dolly in her special new birthday skirt and her birthday shoes along with a white designer t-shirt (that was given to her recently and I put on her because I was afraid we would never have occasion to wear it otherwise – playgroup and expensive designer labels just don’t go that well together).

She looked exceptionally prettiful.


This is her in birthday outfit showing Beefcake that she had found one of Pudding’s battle chopsticks. She was pleased.


Then there is this one of her having had a little stack in the kitchen. Note pretty birthday shoes. Stylish with first class ankle support. Just what you want. As you can see, Pudding had been “helping” me with the cake decorating.


Here is the cake. A bumble bee for a busy bee of a girl. I think it turned out quite nicely, despite any assistance I may have had. Regular guests at our family birthday parties are accustomed to these creations of mine. Sometimes they are more successful than others. This is a very successful one. Make of that what you will. I will just say that Rhubarb has had both an accidental gay pride pirate ship and a wizard’s hat that made everyone have green poo so on a sliding scale the bee is an outright masterpiece. Talented, I am.

Finally, the grub:


Despite the fact that she quite liked the flouncy skirt (and kept showing it to people) she is, I fear, not the kind of girl to eschew dirty and dangerous activities in favour of sitting about and looking like a pristine china doll. She spent half of the day attempting to climb the slide and the other half banging things with a toy hammer and playing in mud. Oh well. She likes dollies too so I suppose it all balances out.

Off now to continue what has been an absolute fail day as far as healthy diet goes. The leftover brownies and cake and lollies have called to me and I have not let them go unanswered. I figure I may as well continue on this way and start afresh tomorrow. Better to get it all out of the way now. You know, so I won’t be tempted tomorrow.


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  1. Too cute! No, seriously, TOO damn cute. You must stop. I think if I wasn’t already pregnant, I’d have spontaneously conceived just looking at that first photo.

    I also really, really want a gay pride pirate ship for my next birthday. Are you just the best mum in the world, or what?

    tinsenpup’s last blog post… You Need to Go

  2. She looks adorable in that skirt. Happy birthday to the Grub. Your bumblebee cake looks great but now I really want to see the Gay Pride Pirate Ship, was it the Jolly Rogers?

    Stomper Girl’s last blog post… Expectations Exceeded

  3. LOVE the cake, and love that you made everyone’s poo green one year! I am planning a cake for Amy’s third birthday party this weekend, will blog it if it works, will keep the secret forever if it doesn’t! (ok, don’t worry, will blog my failures too!)

    Sarah’s last blog post…

  4. Grub looks like a beautiful little doll with to much energy to be a little doll, just the way a little girl should be. Happy birthday Grub. Oh yeah, fantastic cake!

    del’s last blog post… Discombobulated

  5. She looks gorgeous. And I love the cake :-)

    bevchen’s last blog post… The wanderer returns

  6. Grub looks utterly delicious, as does the cake. Well done you, particularly given your cooking arrangements.

  7. OH!!! What a sweet little dolly. Wynnie’s looking over my shoulder and IN-LOVE with Grub’s skirt!

    Hyphen Mama’s last blog post… Letters to the Universe

  8. Happy belated birthday to Grub! What a cutie pie! I loooove the skirt. And the cake looks fabulous!
    .-= Leslie´s last blog ..The Hump Day Haiku B.I.L.F. – This Simple Life =-.

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