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We have the pestilence.

Beefcake was the first to be struck down a couple of weeks ago and we have been dropping like flies ever since. Actually, now that I think about it, all three boys seem to have been hit very badly. Rhubarb required more than a week off of school, and just returned today. Pudding only really became ill yesterday and is now a shivery, coughing, feverish, dripping mess of snot and watery eyes. It is awful. My poor baby. I have just come off a shift of holding him and giving him sips of his drink while he lays on me, not sleeping, just resting. He says he can’t even move. I am actually a bit worried about him but I will keep an eye on him overnight and make sure he doesn’t worsen.

Poss has had a touch of it, as has Grub and I feel pretty ordinary today but all in all it is the male members of the household who have suffered most. Weird.

Not only is it weird that the boys have all been affected, it is a touch annoying. My boys take their man-flu seriously. Now pudding is too young to really have a case of the man-flu but Beefcake and Rhubarb can certainly milk it for all that it’s worth. From Rhubarb’s need for the sugar-coated pain/fever medication so that it went down his poor widdle gag-prone throat easily* to Beefcake’s conviction that he had pneumonia despite the absence of any pneumonia-like symptoms.

Amidst all of the pestilence, we have continued to work on the kitchen, adding another pantry and a lovely built-in bench height table that Beefcake built. We are all very impressed that he has built something so lovely. Not to mention quite a bit surprised. Even he didn’t really think it would come out quite so well. I spent the afternoon doing some plastering in the kitchen in preparation for the  new acrylic splashback, which should be all made and cut by the end of the week.

One thing I didn’t do today was enjoy the fruits of the large internet shop that we had home delivered to us. The reason I did not is that the delivery truck had a bad crash on it’s way to us the other day. The driver was unharmed, you’ll be pleased to hear. Our shopping, however, was not. They couldn’t salvage it, they tell me. They cancelled our order and I was left to try and schedule another delivery slot. They gave us a small credit to our account to make up for it so I suppose I shouldn’t complain.  I could not get another slot until tomorrow morning  though so I will be waiting excitedly for my shop and hoping that nothing terrible happens to it.

It is rather vital that we receive our shopping soon. I have been resisting the urge to go out and buy things that we need as that will be “doubling up” and we are quite strictly budgeted at the moment. This means that we are close to having to make use of the garden foliage for bum wiping and will be shortly reduced to brushing our teeth with salt. If it doesn’t work out tomorrow I will be forced to admit defeat and go to the supermarket. I don’t really want to do this as I have taken a rather bold step and purchased the entire month’s worth of food. I have planned a month’s meals and drawn up a chart on the wall. I purchased the meat in person so we have all that in the freezer already but I don’t know how many trolleys the rest of it would take. A few, I think. Even with my love of shopping I think I may find buying a month’s worth of food for a family of six a bit tedious. It is just serve me right really that I try to be all organisey and good and end up with it backfiring all over me. The shiny and organised and super-duper housewifeyness was not meant for the likes of me.

*Easily that is, after a fifteen minute coaching and gentle persuasion session about taking tablets (with whimpering, bribery and moaning), despite it not being the first time he has taken them. He was feeling a touch fragile.


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  1. Wow – it sounds like you have had and are having a craptastic time, judging by the time stamp of sometime during the wee hours, you could do with some sleep too. I hope that today is better and that the planets align.

    When your food arrives and your menu planning works a treat can you post step by step instructions, I aspire to menu plan. In the meantime at least you can enjoy a shiny new almost finished kitchen.

    del’s last blog post… Pick Ups

  2. You have a chart! Wow! Impressive…

    And don’t you just love Internet shopping? By the time it all arrives, so disconnected are you from the painful choosing and paying bit that it’s like some nice, polite, helpful guy just turns up at your door with all the foods you love. It’s possible I might end up running off with one of those grocery delivery guys one day…

    tinsenpup’s last blog post… Grace In Small Things: 10 of 365

  3. An entire MONTH worth of shopping? I bow down to you, yee of better shopping capabilities. I have to go to the grocery store at least twice a week.

    Hyphen Mama’s last blog post… Thank Gawd for Small Favors

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