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People with glass pelvises shouldn't move furniture

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I had another little excitable reorganising fit today. It’s bizarre. We only moved in here two months ago and already I am bored and needing to rearrange the furniture. I had never really been happy with the organisation of the lounge room so I moved a bookshelf and rearranged some other things, moved the toys, cleaned, cleaned and cleaned, voila! A new room. It feels bigger and fresher and good(er). Beefcake was his lovely tolerant self. He smiled and told me he thought it looked good. He kissed me when I told him I would probably change it again in a couple of months. What more can a crazy person ask for?

It is a bad sign that after only two months I already need to rearrange rooms to keep myself sane. I think I need to choose some nice paint colours and do some more decorating. For now the reorganising has done the trick and I feel very cheerful. This is a good thing as people with dodgy pelvises should never move furniture. It’s a pretty hard and fast rule, just so you know. So I am cheery and a bit sore but as I would have been sore regardless I feel a  bit of extra soreness as a trade-off for a new room is pretty good really.

I saw a show about plastic surgery this evening. It got me thinking. I have always hated my nose. It is kind of large and lumpy. I have a deviated septum. It is just ugly really. I used to think that I would most likely get it done one day. Anyway, on this show I saw, there was a 16-year-old girl getting a nose job. At that age, had I had the opportunity, I almost certainly would have been rid of my ugly and monstrous nose. These days, I don’t mind it so much. Sometimes one of the kids will make a comment about it or for some reason I’ll have a self-concious day but for the most part I know it’s not too bad. It’s my nose, it makes me, well,  me.  And who the fuck has time to think about that sort of thing anyway?

I wouldn’t bother getting my nose fixed these days. I guess I put that sort of energy into fixing up the house and rearranging rooms. I wonder about getting something like that done at such a young age. Would you live to regret it? Poss looks like she will end up developing my nose and I’m pretty sure that I would not let her have teengae plastic surgery, unless there was some really important reason for it to be done.

Are there aspects of your face, your body that you would change? Are there things you might have wanted to change once but now are happy with? I’m curious.


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  1. Tummy tuck tummy tuck tummy tuck….but its never gonna happen
    .-= Suzie´s last blog ..Tag Line Giveaway Contest =-.

  2. I don’t talk about this much in my day-to-day life but I am having a consultation with a surgeon in December to talk about getting my boobs reduced. I have always had HUGE breasts but never disliked them, just been minorly inconvenienced. Since breastfeeding Amy my breasts have changed as they do and now breastfeeding Stella I know I am going to end up with big empty, drooping boobs. 5 years ago my Mum had a cancerous lump removed from one breast and took the opportunity to reduce her ample bosum at the same time and has felt like a different woman. She has suggested I talk to someone about my options. I am both excited and scared and annoyed with myself for evening considering changing something about myself. What kind of message am I sending my daughters? I plan on exploring these emotions and will definitely have the consultation although I won’t even consider surgery until I finish feeding Stella. My biggest fear is that we will decide to have another baby – what then?
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..Amy expresses her dissatisfaction with supper. =-.

  3. Tummy tuck. But, like Suzie, it’ll never happen.

    I would also like laser eye surgery and teeth whitening. They’ll also never happen.

    Priorities. *sigh*.
    .-= Fe´s last blog ..As much as I have LOVED blogspot…. =-.

  4. I would get braces and fix my crooked smile if I could afford it!
    .-= Stomper Girl´s last blog ..I got the missing cat and my baby wants a haircut blues =-.

  5. As a kid I HATED having freckles. I always dreamed that one day they would all join together and I would end up with a super tan. Now I am all meh about the freckles. In an alternate reality the wobbly bits wouldn’t wobble so much and hopefully a little more exercise will beat those parts into submission. In this reality I would truly love to have a wide white smile but have no $ and don’t particularly enjoy dentist visits and the surgery that teeth straightening would require.
    .-= del´s last blog ..Weekend Wrap-Up =-.

  6. First off, I loved your post title.

    As for your question, I used to really hate my legs. They are disproportionately large, especially around the “ankles.” But while I still don’t tend to wear shorts or short skirts, I have come to terms with them. They are fine, functional legs. Legs of substance. Not everyone needs to have skinny model’s legs.

    For that matter, when I was a teenager, I hated my nose. Now I genuinely like my nose. It has character, and it reflects my Eastern European heritage. If I had gotten plastic surgery as a teenager, I’m quite sure I would regret it now.
    .-= alejna´s last blog ..waiting for the right meal =-.

  7. I’ve been in my flat since March and must have rearranged the furniture in the living room about 6 times. I’m buying stuff gradually (whenever I actually have the money!) so every time a new item arrives the stuff that was there already has to find a new home.

    I hate my huge hips. I don’t think there is such a thing as hip reduction surgery though.
    .-= bevchen´s last blog ..Like a Town from a Fairy Tale =-.

  8. Like you, I wanted to change my nose. Nowadays, who has the energy for worrying about it?

    I spent the day moving furniture too. I was moving Isaac out of my bedroom though (sob).
    .-= Veronica´s last blog ..Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. What day to day life is like. =-.

  9. Always wanted laser eye surgery and am too much of a coward, but would definitely have it done if I could take shit loads of drugs and block it out completely. I’d love to be able to see properly.

    After that a tummy tuck to get rid of the baby wobble. That’s never going to happen because it’s just vanity and I hate surgery.

    Otherwise maybe teeth straightening, but again just vanity and it costs way too much. Cheaper to have my eyes done, wierdly.

  10. All my life I wanted a nose job. Mine looks IDENTICAL to those troll dolls from the 80’s and 90’s. The teasing in school was horrible. Now I’m 37 and my husband never notices that the nose isn’t all pointy and perky… and if he doesn’t mind, I never think about it. My kids ended up with MY NOSE instead of his nice European one. I worry that my kids will want nose jobs, too, one day.

    Today… I want a tummy tuck and a boob lift!!!
    .-= Hyphen Mama´s last blog ..The theme around our house is Par-TAY!! =-.

  11. had i known about liposuction as a kid that’s what i would have wanted. in a perfect world (ie meaning one where money was no object and surgeries were painless) i’d have a boob lift (gravity and nursing two kids has not been kind to the girls) and a tummy tuck. but, alas, none of those will happen : )
    .-= creativekerfuffle´s last blog ..i’ve got the look =-.

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