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This is the post where you all say "Are you stupid or something?" and I say, "Yeah, probably, a bit".

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I keep forgetting to blog. It is most odd. In this case there are a couple of factors to blame.

Factor one: Pelvis

I got some sort of bizarre hysterical urge to exercise last week. I got all inspired and decided that I would take action.

Action about my pelvis and action about the extra large arse and thighs that I have been lugging around since Grub was born. I experienced a dramatic improvement in the state of my pelvis once I was able to start exercising post Pudding. Whilst I am still not there in terms of my day to day pelvic stability I decided I could wait no longer. I called a couple of gyms and went straight out and exercised, quite hard – that same day.



The trial run at the gym triggered a major episode which has left me contemplating a visit to the doctor. Let me just clarify that in order for me to even consider a trip to the quack I need to be in a very sorry state indeed. The pelvis is not behaving, not at all.

Factor two: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.

Some time ago Katyboo recommended this book. Her praise was so high that I got myself straight down to my local library and tried to get a copy. Apparently this is a much sought after novel. There were NINE people ahead of me in the queue for the four copies of the book that the library holds. I reserved this book seven weeks ago, I believe. I was beginning to think that I would never lay my eyes on the book when I got a text from the library to say that my copy was waiting two days ago.

I have been alternating between lying flat on my back and moaning and devouring the book.

I have been unable to force myself to even open my laptop as the thought of interaction with the world made me feel all weepy and woeful.

I must be feeling a touch better I suppose as I feel tonight like saying hello to the internet.

I told Beefcake yesterday that I didn’t want to blog because I didn’t want to just get on and have a whinge about my pelvis


So, this may be a bit of a whinge about my pelvis but let us pretend that I have posted something hilarious about Rhubarb’s fear of pooping in the school toilets or Pudding’s current obsession with using the term “bumhole” every 2.4 seconds courtesy of one very annoying 13yo brother who introduced it to his vocab without a second thought.

Pretend I posted those things and comment accordingly.

I will  get my act together soon, I swear.


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  1. I really, really, really want to read that book. The more I hear about it the more I want to read it. Buuut, I currently have a pile of about 10 books waiting for me to read them. Should probably try to get through those before acquiring anything new.
    .-= bevchen´s last blog ..My Life According to Idlewild =-.

  2. BWAHAHAH… Bumhole!

    Never heard of the book… must make a note.
    .-= Hyphen Mama´s last blog ..The theme around our house is Par-TAY!! =-.

  3. Poor old you and your manky pelvis. xx
    .-= Stomper Girl´s last blog ..In which I say Rest-in-Peace but hope I’m proved wrong =-.

  4. Let’s forget the evil pelvis and its plot to leave you moaning and remember instead that you have just given us a book recommendation – thanks. I hope the pelvis behaves and you recover quickly.
    .-= del´s last blog ..Still Running =-.

  5. If you ever work out how to trade your pelvis in for a new one, let me know. Silly thing.
    .-= Veronica´s last blog ..6 weeks. =-.

  6. oooo a book recommendation! yeah! i have a pile to be read but i’ll have to add this to the list.
    bumhole! too hilarious. how nice of the 13 yr old to take an interest in the verbal education of his sibling! lol ; )
    i hope your pelvis begins cooperating soon!
    .-= creativekerfuffle´s last blog ..i’ve got the look =-.

  7. oooh, I am so glad you are enjoying the book. It’s so aces.

    I know what you mean about the blogging. I usually love blogging, but this last week or two I have really had to force myself. Mainly because I am sick of sounding like a moany old cow.

    Don’t worry. Your pelvis is kind of fascinating. I can read about it all day! I would like to read that it is better, but if not, feel free to whinge and I will be attentive!

  8. I have heard good things about that book too!! Will def have to read it now. Hope the moaning has subsided now :)
    .-= sunnyroadmum´s last blog ..header_6 =-.

  9. Oh my, what amusing and fascinating bottom-related anecdotes!

    Also, I know we’re totally pretending that there was no whinging and everything, but I had to tell you that so devoted is my pelvis to your blog that it has come over all hurty as an homage to your pelvis. But that’s totally going to get all better again when the baby arrives, right? Right? Ali?
    .-= tinsenpup´s last blog ..The One I Know I Shouldn’t Write =-.

  10. Glad to hear you’re still alive. Sorry about the pelvis. I have no motivation to post…or to comment usually…or to clean my kitchen floor for that matter…maybe I’ll get that book and have an excuse for lying around all slothful on the sofa…

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