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Flights of Fantasy my arse

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I received  a note home from Poss’ school yesterday.

A note about a super spectacular “Flight of Fantasy” art show to be held at the school.

“Fantastic “, you say, “how wonderful that the school is fostering the students’ creative abilities, it must be a very fine school indeed”.

Indeed it is a fine school.

When I first read the note this is just what I thought. I thought, “how nice”, as I glanced at the note, stuck it to the fridge and herded the children out the door for school. I really didn’t give it another thought until Beefcake asked me if I had read it.

Me: “Um, yeah, I’ve seen it, it’s an art show or something”

Beefcake: “Yes, but did you actually read the note, Ali?”

Me: “Um, kind of, it’s an art show?”

Beefcake “Yeah, it’s an art show for students. They say here that you don’t have to pay for entry”

Me: “Oh, okay, that’s nice, they usually make you pay for that sort of thing”

Beefcake: “Yeah, there’s no entry fee but you will be able to purchase your own child’s art for the very reasonable price of just $20”

Me: “What the #*%&????” (children were present)

Seriously people.

The note advertises an art show that is-

“to primarily be a celebration of the children’s art and a chance to come together for a fun afternoon with our community, with music food and refreshments”

Now, first of all, that is their run-on grammar-deficient sentence, not mine. I don’t need their help in that area. Second, I am sure that refreshments will be offered for a fairly extortionate reasonable price. It will be a delighful afternoon.

I am sure.

They are also looking for parents to assist with setup, picking up supplies (they have requested a small truck, if someone should have one spare) and framing the “artworks”.

So, just to clarify.

The school would like us to come along to an event, free of charge (picture the underlined portion in flashing neon lights, I do!) , pay three times the going rate for a can of warm lemonade and a stale cupcake, pay $20 for our child’s masterpiece, which we have both helped to frame and facilitate the exhibition of and give up a Sunday afternoon for the privilege.


The fundraising committee at Poss’ school need a little reality check. I knew that a fair few parents at the school had their heads up their own arses, but seriously??!!

They finish off by saying they will be offering a convenient pre-purchasing system to “avoid the rush on the day”. So we should also purchase the art just for the love of our children or something, without even sighting it first?

Somehow I don’t think there will be a rush on the day.

Does anyone else think that this is absolutely nuts??

Tell me I’m not alone here people. Poss’ school is crazy, no?


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  1. Yup. Crazy.

    Also, WP just gave me this error: Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

    WP needs to get a life.
    .-= Veronica´s last blog ..Wrist braces and I click apparently. =-.

  2. this happened w/ my sister-in-law and nephew! wow. at least your school disguised it as an art show—my nephew’s school just charged $25 for his piece of art! i don’t get that at all—very bizarre fund raising indeed.
    .-= creativekerfuffle´s last blog’s thursday….whoopee =-.

  3. At my daughters school they let us decide how much we want to pay for our child’s masterpiece – which is an interesting dilemma as I’ve never wanted to put any of them on my wall. She can do great pictures, but not usually in school art classes.

  4. The school my guys go to has an art show every 2 years as a major fundraiser. There are all sorts of random artworks for sale, and items donated by creative parents. They highlight of the night is an auction of a group artwork made by each class. Now in order to facilitate the spending of money, alcohol is offered at a reasonable cost. My darling hubby, after a few lubricating beverages, bid $500 for a piece of art that my son’s class (grade prep and 1) had made. Naturally I nearly fell over, then I began to panic – we didn’t have $5 let alone $500. Thank god he was outbid!
    .-= del´s last blog ..Weekly Winners =-.

  5. You’re right! I have a FIT every time I get one of these “invitations”. I love how you get to buy your own kid’s artwork… like you don’t have 928 pieces hanging on your walls as it is.

    I stopped going to these for Wynnie’s preschool (a private preschool that we paid a premium price for the privilege because our state doesn’t provide preschool) and I offered to be there early for set up… and they put me to work CLEANING THE SCHOOL while the teachers stood in their classrooms putting on make up and doing their hair. And here I thought I’d be doing something associated with the PROGRAM!

    I am easily annoyed by schools. Wynnie starts at public school next week and I can’t wait to see how THEY annoy me.
    .-= Hyphen Mama´s last blog ..Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll =-.

  6. They once sent something home from my sons’ school that their artwork was going to be published in a book that we could buy for a crazy price. I didn’t buy and complained to the teacher that sent the letters home. Never got sent anything like that again! You can usually spot these things are a scam but it’s unfair on the kids as they usually want you to buy, puts you in a difficult position.
    .-= Jennysnail´s last blog ..OMG mummy chicken ate one of the chicks ! =-.

  7. I’m sooo glad we homeschool. Seriously!? Passive aggressive much?
    .-= tinsenpup´s last blog ..The One I Know I Shouldn’t Write =-.

  8. My kids never exhibited any of their artwork at school. They just brought the stuff home and stuck it on the fridge free of charge. The oldest and youngest are quite artistic too. The middle two? Not so much.

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