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Also, my foot hurts

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I have written three or four beginnings to this post and deleted them.

I do not have my creative flow. My blogging mojo is absent.

I shall put a brave face on it, though and bravely push on with a bullet pointy type post that requires very little of my brain to be functional.

To make it interesting, let us divide the bullet points into two categories. “Awesome things that are great and happy and light up my life or are just funny” and “Whingey things that I could spare you but will not because I am selfish like that”

Awesome things that are great and happy and light up my life or are just funny:

  • Grub has decided to cut me some small slack. She has cut down her overnight breastfeeding to between 0 and 3 feeds overnight – yes you read that correctly, she had her first ever night without a feed during the night – and she has agreed to sometimes sleep for several hours in her own bed. I will admit that this is a very new trend –  she has only done it twice – but I declare it to be the new norm. I will shortly be  the proud owner of one of those modern, new-fangled sleeping-through-the-night-and-putting-themselves-to-sleep children I have heard about. I can feel it in my waters.
  • Spring has sprung. There is sunshine, there are butterflies, there are flowers (unfortunately with sniffle-making pollen to make my eyes water but let us not dwell on that). I feel as though a great grey shroud has been lifted from my person. Sunshine makes me happy.
  • Beefcake has been working very hard this month, doing a bunch of very long days in order to haul some projects at work towards their deadlines. This may sound like it is not such an awesome thing but what it does mean is that the slight overspend that we had with the original kitchen renovation, which has been hanging over each month and making me feel stressed and depressed, will be taken care of. We will be back in fine shape. It hasn’t really been a big deal but it would be nice to have a month where I do not have to plan our spending down to the very cent. It will be lovely to be able to purchase one or two things I have been putting off for myself because they were not 100% strictly speaking necessary. I feel much relieved.
  • The few extra dollars we might have will mean that I can perhaps paint the bathroom or re-tile the shower recess or re-enamel the very old bath. A bath should not have a rough abrasive surface. It will only be a minor bathroom refresh as opposed to a proper bathroom renovation as we will one day demolish this bathroom and it would be wasteful to replace it now but I am sure I can get it looking quite nice. I should show you what it looks like now – remind me to do that.
  • Beefcake and I bought a rare and much appreciated coffee to get us through playgroup on Friday morning. In the cafe where we purchased our take-away beverages, there was a family (two older parents and an adult son) eating fish and chips. It was nine thirty in the morning. We thought maybe they were tourists, they had the look of being not quite local about them. We thought perhaps they had just arrived and it was dinner time where they come from, or maybe fish and chips is a breakfast food in their country. I don’t know but I thought it was a bit odd. Would you go the deep fried seafood and chips for brekkie?
  • It is Poss’ birthday in less than two weeks and she has requested a shopping spree to redecorate her room with nice things. New bedding and cushions and such. Beefcake is completely puzzled that someone would want this as a birthday gift but I am excited  because it will actually be quite a fun thing to do. She has already chosen a new quilt cover and is planning a colour scheme she wants to work on – cute! I shouldn’t say that, she’s going to be eleven, that’s practically a teenager.
  • Also on the topic of Poss’ burgeoning adolescence. The other day she was excitedly telling me about a school project when, to my delight, she threw in the tweeny term “totally random”. I have been unable to resist taunting her. She hates me. What fun.

Whingey things that I could spare you but will not because I am selfish like that:

  • My body is an unpredictable and vile hell-monster with it’s own independent and beastly identity. I was feeling fab on Friday and went to the park with the small kids and the friend that used to come to playgroup (you remember) and her two girls. I had a spring in my step. It was great. I felt as though things were on the up and up. As some sort of cosmic punishment for feeling good (yes, I am melodramatic) I dislocated my wrist when I picked Grub up off of the slide. No odd movements or anything. Just picked her up. I couldn’t bear to tell my friend. I feel like a hyperchondriac so I grabbed my wrist and we walked home – lucky the park is around two minutes away. My wirst was very swollen and purple that night but is beginning to feel better now. My pelvis has arced up again quite badly. I am on a neverending merry-go-round of crap.
  • Beefcake is working insane amounts. It will not stop this week. He will not be being paid extra for anything he does now either and he is mostly picking up the slack for other, slackarse people. Very frustating but at the same time I must remember that he is here, at home with us and we are actually extremely luck – so shut up Ali.
  • I have been comfort eating. It is a pain/depression thing. I am usually pretty good but I have dropped the ball with my eating and I feel quite grumpy with myself. It is made worse by the fact that I am still carrying the vast majority of my baby weight from Grub and I can not exercise at all really. I feel really guilty about it and sometimes that seems to actually make it worse. It is a whole self-perpetuating cycle of self-loathing. I need to take control of it but some days having to be really careful about what I eat seems like a step too far. Like it will just be the thing to push me over the edge. I need to get a grip.
  • Also, my foot hurts.

There you have it people. You’ree lucky I don’t blog more often really, aren’t you?


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  1. WooHoo! on all the good. There, there, brave little soldier on the not so good. If it serves in any way as a consolation, I am now ginormous and am outgrowing maternity clothes (there’s a slap in the face if ever there was one). Also my feet have turned into these weird, fat, clumpy little hobbit feet. They are quite funny in a mildly disturbing way.
    .-= tinsenpup´s last blog ..The One I Know I Shouldn’t Write =-.

  2. Sounds like life as the mommy is about as much fun in Australia as it is here. Sorry!
    .-= badness jones´s last blog ..Underwear. =-.

  3. urk. Dislocating your wrist. That’s not good. Pooh to the pelvis say I.

    It’s being so cheerful that keeps you going. Moan away. Moan away!

  4. OK the pain is not so good but sunshine and pretty but pollen filled flowers and longer days are a step in the right direction.

    I think you are right – my body is saying rest but I am too afraid that if I stop to rest/recover I will never start back :(
    .-= del´s last blog ..Catch Up Time =-.

  5. “I will shortly be the proud owner of one of those modern, new-fangled sleeping-through-the-night-and-putting-themselves-to-sleep children I have heard about. I can feel it in my waters.”

    This? Had me wetting myself laughing. Thanks.

    All the crappy stuff, (((hugs))). I know exactly (exactly!) how you feel.
    .-= Veronica´s last blog ..Curled up =-.

  6. And meanwhile on this side of the world the sun is slowly fading away. If it gets much colder I shall be needing to bring out the hat and gloves. Doooom!
    .-= bevchen´s last blog ..What do you mean it’s Wednesday tomorrow? =-.

  7. I swear I’ve opened this post half a dozen times and thought I commented, then today realized I hadn’t.

    Mack at 3, had just begun to really sleep through the night… THEN WE POTTY TRAINED and now he’s up 3 or 4 or 7 times a night. I can feel your Grub pain.

    I read something several years ago that we have a finite amount of will power for each day. We use a little bit for many tasks throughout the day–sometimes there’s just NOT enough to also cover stopping ourselves from comfort eating. I keep telling myself that with all the things I CAN keep myself from doing (beating my kids, going stark raving mad, becoming a raging alcoholic) that I’m doing pretty well and I’ll eat those carbs if I need to. Sometimes you have to give yourself some slack. You’re doing the best you can–and if running 5 km a day isn’t it… that’s okay!
    .-= Hyphen Mama´s last blog ..Dear Brian RN, =-.

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