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A whirlwind of a weekend, we have had.

Friday evening Pudding got a new and very manly haircut. It is still kind of longish and wild actually but we like it like that. He was so very proud of himself for sitting still (on Beefcake’s lap) while his locks were chopped. He ran  out of the shop afterwards saying

“Did you see how still I satted Mummy??” &  “Did I do a  good job?”

Awwwww. Heart-melty. He well and truly earned his choccie frog.

There was a belated birthday celebration for Poss with her friends. This meant the her room had to be primped and prepared with new cushions and curtains and things. Of course we like to cram a lot in so we had new insulation installed throughout the ceiling Friday and we had shifted all the attic storage into her room. Cue long tedious cleaning and prepping. Still it looked lovely and she was very pleased with her new room.We made cupcakes and decorated them. It was sugar-laden and fantastic. The girls stayed up very, very, very late and Poss has spent the day today at less than her best, slightly snippy with us all.

I have firmly established that no glucose-based products may be stored in the house, whilst I am in this frame of mind. I am unable to restrain myself. It is not safe to be a cake or a lolly in the vicinity of Ali. It is particularly annoying as I had been doing a fantastic job of not eating anything sinful. Today I ate a cupcake and a handfu of m&ms for lunch. Perhaps I should go now to the kitchen and eradicate all sweet treats, that way I won’t be able to indulge tomorrow, I’ll be starting with a clean slate. Okay, I’m obviously deranged. I have asked Rhubarb to hide the from me. Far better idea.

This morning we went to the fabulous Adelaide Showground Farmers Market, which is seriously never disappointing. We have been members for about a year, which affords us a small discount, but even without it it is the most fabulous, fresh produce and it is not expensive. It has such a lovely buzzing energy to it and it always makes me feel really upbeat and filled with energy when we do our weekly fresh food shopping there. I lurve it.

Filled with markety type vigour, I mentioned to Beefcake that I would like him to build the washing machine/dryer cupboard that will allow us to demolish the snakehaveny laundry shed. Earlier in the week I drove past a local salvage yard that had put out some of their less desirable timber etc as “free firewood” on the curb. I sent Beefcake down today and he managed to pick up enough structural pine to build the frame for the cupboard and a door to use for one of the sides. I’m pretty impressed actually at our cheapskate ecostylee laundry cupboard. It cost us about $25 for dynabolts and screws but the rest was completely free. It needs a nice coat of paint (and a roof and a door) to prevent it from looking like a dodgy nightmare DIY monster on the back wall of the house but all in all I am very pleased. Tomorrow we will be able to finish it enough to move the appliances in and start the shed demolition. I heart demolishing stuff and will post a blow by blow. You’ll love it.


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  1. I used to only buy sweets for the house that I didn’t like. That way, everyone else still got sweets, and I wasn’t tempted. The problem with that? You learn to like new sweets.
    It’s good to hear that you are feeling better.
    .-= sherendipity´s last blog ..Have you heard it? =-.

  2. I can’t wait for you to hit it wiv an ammer. Yay!

  3. If on the off chance there is some lovely delicious food in our house (chocolate, cake, chocolate, lollies, chocolate) I can’t resist. I try to ration myself but end up eating it all and consoling myself with the concept that there is nothing unhealthy left to eat therefore I WILL eat better tomorrow, unless of course I go shopping! At least you can wield an sledge hammer and burn off some sugary goodness. Be kind to your pelvis.
    .-= del´s last blog ..Weekly Winners #3 =-.

  4. We, too, are the “let’s do 75 big projects THIS WEEK” kind of people. Glad her girly party was fun. SWEETS–I cannot be left alone with sweets. My will power only lasts so long, then I must consume every last morsel….to get it out of the house, of course.
    .-= Hyphen Mama´s last blog ..Does anybody else smell that? What is that smell? =-.

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