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Nose picking in a group setting

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I have been so bloody tired all weekend.

I am still tired. I am here and awake only by virtue of strategically placed matchsticks under my eyelids.

I have many a bloggable topic. I am saddened that I have missed great blogging opportunities as I even have photos to enhance your blog-reading experience.

So, here’s what we’ll do. I shall blog today about Pudding’s first day of Kindy and then tomorrow we will pretend that is Saturday and we’ll do Saturday’s post and then on Wednesday I shall blog about today’s other adventures and we shall pretend that it is Monday again. Yes??


Well, despite my fears about Pudding’s lielyhood of freaking out at  being left at Kindy and yesterday’s self haircutting disaster (just don’t ask, don’t ask). All went spectacularly well. He spent the morning asking us every 16 seconds if it was time to go, which I thought was a good sign. He then peed his pants because he was watching television and didn’t want to get up. I took that as a very bad sign. Never mind, after he was cleaned up we had some lunch and then it really was time to leave. When we walked into the yard his teacher was there to greet him and introduce herself. We put away his bag and marked his name off on the attendance poster. He was calm and happy. Then the teacher asked if he would like to do a painting. Why yes, yes he would. And then it happened.

Two little words.

“Bye bye”

We looked at each other.

Did he just tell us to leave?

We told the teacher that, as we’d been given our marching orders, we thought it best to scuttle off.

We left.

When we picked him up this afternoon the teacher said he had been fine.

Talk about getting all worked up over nothing.

It was so stress free I didn’t even have a chance to get emotional.

It was a bit different for Beefcake. He and Pudding are extraordinarily close and there may have been  something caught in Beefy’s eye when I said that Pudding would be okay.

So, all was well. Kindy is great. I’ll just leave you with this shot of Pudding at group time just before kindy finished.


P.S. He’s actually a trendsetter. The photo I took immediately after this one shows a girl in front of him standing up with her finger up her nose but ther was no way to crop it to make her less identifiable so I couldn’t post it. Oh well, use your imaginations.

P.P.S. If you look closely you can see that one section on the side of his head is very closely cropped in a rather jagged way. Bloody kid.


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  1. I’m so pleased to hear Kindy was fine!
    .-= Veronica´s last blog ..Welcoming… =-.

  2. Yay! So glad it went well.

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