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Demolition is so gratifying

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Right. I didn’t post yesterday, which means we are now even further behind in the blogging schedule than before. I had a fantastic excuse though. Really. We were in the ER until around 10:30 with Pudding. Severe teeth to lip/chin/general face area. It turns out he is fine and nothing was needed but it looked pretty extreme to begin with. Suffice it to say I was totally shattered after that little jaunt and did not feel in the mood for blogging. I know, shame on me.

On saturday we got to do an exciting bit of demolition in the back yard. The laundry/shed that had lately become a snake haven was destroyed.

It was some of the best fun I’ve had in a while actually, if a little bit disgusting. A colony of ants had infested the structure, every nook and cranny was crammed with them and, as it turned out, their eggs. Just a tad revoulting I must say. So, without further ado. Here are the pictures, I know you’ve been hanging on the edge of your seats to see them.


The laundry/shed before demolition.


This is what happens when you are married to someone who is actually nine years old. Why bother actually emptying the laundry before demolishing it, simply begin kicking (yes I said kicking) the walls out as soon as you get outside because you can’t contain your boyish glee at being able to wreck something. Moron.


We pulled off some of the corrugated iron wall sheets and then it was time to tackle the jasmine, which I estimate had been growing on the roof for some decades. Apart from the large amounts of living plant matter, there was a layer of dead, then a layer of general detritus (bones, snail shells etc) that was infested with slaters, then a kind of mat of root matter and soil. Lovely. When I finally got down to the roof sheets and managed to lift them I was greeted by thousands of ant eggs laid between the sheets. I didn’t take a photo. You should thank me.  As you can see, while I was up a ladder Pudding was doing important work with secateurs and pliers. Not dangerous at all.


Beefcake about to attack the frame. It was at this point that we became most relieved that neither of us had tried to climb on the roof. You see, the roof timbers were each held to the uprights with a single nail. When you add to that the fact that the upright posts were rotten and simply fell over with a slight push when freed from the structure you have one very unsound structure. It was actually the sheets of corrugated iron that were providing the structural integrity. Without them it began to fall down of it’s own accord straight away. Made us rather glad we had decided to bash it apart.


In honour of Katyboo, here I am “ittin’ it wiv an’ ‘ammer”.


And finally. The tongue and groove wall will be painted, we will attach the new clothesline to it. I have planted herbs in the old laundry trough. It has opened up the whole yard but you know what? Even if it hadn’t looked good once we were finished – I still would have happily done the days work. The satisfaction you get from knocking something like that down is second to none! My pelvis doesn’t think so  but I’ve given up caring.


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  1. I am clearly part 9 year old boy – that look like fun and I am quite proficient at demolition! Great work.
    .-= del´s last blog ..Early Nights =-.

  2. Oh God that would have been SO satisfying! I hope you thought of me and my ex while you were bashing things with that hammer!

    Lovely to see a photo of you (kinda, sorta) dear!
    .-= Fe´s last blog ..Dear Internetz… =-.

  3. Eeew to ant eggs. I hate ants. I can deal with most things creepy and crawly, but ants I get a bit funny about.

    Hooray for ‘itting it wiv an ammer. You are a DIY goddess. Hope the hips aren’t now paying the price.

  4. You needed an army of echidnas for the cleanup. I mean sure, they would have gotten in the way a little, but they would have worked.

    Looks good.
    .-= Veronica´s last blog ..The new floor. =-.

  5. ‘ittin stuff wiv ammers is fun!
    .-= bevchen´s last blog ..In which I am an idiot… =-.

  6. I have to admit that demo is definitely my favorite part. It’s the putting-back-together that puts a damper on things.
    .-= Hyphen Mama´s last blog ..4 words that force you to change your life =-.

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