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Bullet points from the disordered mind

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  • Grub has had a fever for the past 24 hours. It was over 39 degrees last night. She hasn’t been as hot today but she is still quite warm and out of sorts, no particular symptoms just off colour and hot. Poor little possum. I have been convinced that we picked up something deadly during our recent outing to the ER. Probably not though.
  • We had a scrap metal dealer come this morning and take away the sheets of corrugated iron from the laundry/shed. I decided it would be a wasted opportunity to have someone come and not get rid of the old Hills Hoist. It’s probably been in the backyard for about fifty years and I believe that it didn’t want to relinquish it’s position in the garden without a fight. There was concrete a metre deep around the pole. It was installed properly, that’s for sure! We have removed one of these from each of the houses we have owned. It’s a bit sad because it has been part of the house for so long but they take up soooooooo much room and they are always slap bang in the middle of the yard. Next week we will get one that goes up against the fence. The yard looks much more open and large.
  • I have been teary and stressed for the last few days. A cousin of mine (who is a very close friend) is over from London. I won’t go into the boring details but it hasn’t been very fun. Despite making plans a few times she seems unable to make the time to spend with me. There have also been a number of other extended family events that I have been excluded from. It always hurts a bit to be excluded from things but what makes this worse is that my abusive, alcoholic father has been invited to these events. My cousin cancelled dinner with me tonight to have dinner with my parents. Despite claiming that they are separated (for more than 18 months, but living in the same house) my mother is parading him around to all these events thereby ensuring that I am excluded. I would never have thought that my extended family would behave this way, that they would choose to have him around over me. In my self-pitying wallow I feel  very insignificant. I am trying not to be hurt but I just am. I am angry and I am hurt. Why would my mother do this? She is blind to the needs of everyone except her husband. She won’t attend my children’s birthdays or spend time at my house for fear of “hurting his feelings”. I am ashamed to say that I have tolerated this behaviour a fair bit so that I had her in my life in some way. I know I have said this before but I am really done.
  • Beefcake is looking for a new job. It has been so wonderful to have him working at home with us for – ooh, nearly two years now but it can’t go on forever. He is paid in pounds which means we are at the mercy of the exchange rate. Up until now this hasn’t been a problem but at the moment the Aussie dollar is very strong and it is just killing us. Things are very tight and we just have to do something about it. Here’s hoping he finds something soon.
  • The pelvis is not too bad. I still have not had all of my xrays etc done (see re exchange rate above) but everything is going ok. I even managed to walk the Poss to school this morning, which I was quite pleased with.
  • Eeegads, having just read through this it’s a good thing that nobody comes here to be entertained. That is one boring post. I shall do better tomorrow but since this is written I’m going to press publish, ok?

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  1. That totally sucks about your family stuff, no wonder you feel hurt and sad. I hope your little nuclear family is taking good care of you.

    I am loving the weakened pound for a bit of internet shopping but I’m sorry to hear it’s affecting you guys badly.

    Don’t worry about entertainment, you have stuff going on that you need to talk about.
    .-= Stomper Girl´s last blog ..Bits and Pizzas =-.

  2. Its not boring, its just your reality, I am glad you can share it. About that random fever, don’t panic altogether if Grub comes over all spotty at some point. Stella had just the same unexplained high fever with no other symptoms and then BAM. Rash. Anyway, she is MUCH improved today, still slightly spotty but better all round. Take care of yourself, sorry the extended family issues are causing stress.
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..Roseola. =-.

  3. I hope Grub gets better soon, it’s always miserable when they’re sick. Bleurgh at families. Sometimes they just suck. ((hugs))
    .-= Veronica´s last blog ..This gluten challenge is killing me =-.

  4. Sometimes extended families just suck great big hairy donkey balls..*sigh*

    hope things are better tomorrow
    .-= frogponsdrock´s last blog ..Plastic rubbish kills baby albatrosses. =-.

  5. no. not boring at all. Sorry to hear about your family, and no, no matter how much you rationalize this kind of thing it still sucks. xx

  6. You SHOULD feel hurt by your family’s mistreatment of you in favor of your father. That is wrong on every level. I hope you can fill your life with people who matter and who treat you better and can leave those other people behind–as hard as it would be to have no contact with your mum. Good luck.
    .-= Hyphen Mama´s last blog ..4 words that force you to change your life =-.

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