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Me: Pudding, do you know one of the things  I love most about you?

Pudding: Yes?

Me: It’s your imagination. You’re always thinking cool things up. Like Tiptoe*.

Pudding: (Rolls eyes and looks exasperated) Tiptoe is real Mum.

Me: (looking sheepish and feeling as though I have failed the most basic of parenting requirements)Yes of course. Tiptoe is real but I mean, you think of cool things.

Pudding: Tiptoe helps whales have babies.

Me: Tiptoe is a midwife to whales? How fantastic. I bet Tiptoe does a fantastic job.

Pudding: (thinks for a minute) Yes, a midwife. But also he fights monsters for me.

Me: Right.

Tiptoe is a whale shark that Pudding knows. Once, in the dead of night, Pudding dug a series of underground tunnels for Tiptoe to inhabit. He swims along in these underground canals, following Pudding wherever he goes. Tiptoe guards the tunnels and protects Pudding from monsters. When Pudding does not require his services, he is busy helping whales birth their calves.

Because, of course, doesn’t everyone have a secret whale shark bodyguard who moonlights as a birth attendant to large aquatic mammals?

Thats ma boy.


Image by Werner Mischler, sourced here.


7 responses

  1. Priceless!!! xoxo
    .-= Fe´s last blog ..My poor Mum… =-.

  2. oh to have the imagination of a child… and not just the sense of humour.

  3. Wow, I think that is pretty darn remarkable! Who knew whale sharks were so versatile? And talented?
    .-= HeatherPride´s last blog ..Gemini =-.

  4. famtastic
    I will tell Oscar. he will be so impressed.xx

  5. Oh, that was so very cute!
    .-= Leslie´s last blog ..The Breaking Point =-.

  6. He’s delicious. You’re a lucky mommy!
    .-= badness jones´s last blog ..And then light shone down from the heavens and the angels sang…. =-.

  7. creative kerfuffle

    i love tiptoe! what a clever, clever idea. and so helpful! (i’m just now catching up on your blog! yikes)

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