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Looking for something to kill the romance in your relationship? Try chicken pox!

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So, um, yeah. I would post more pictures but I am unwilling to take the risk that someone may be eating or something. I look so diseased now that my husband won’t kiss me. Because he’s not shallow at all. Arsehole.

Admittedly there is a weeping pox sore just above my mouth but I have told him that I actually tolerate worse on a daily basis and I stand by that because boys are gross.

I do look like a rabid, oozing swamp creature. Really, I nearly made my Father-in-law leap away in fright. Not pretty.

Nobody else has been struck down as yet. We are just hanging in there to see if any of the kids break out all poxy. Pudding’s temp has come down today and he appears to be getting better so I am sure that is a sign that they are all going to be covered in pustules in the morning. It’s just the way these things work.

On the upside I seem to have stopped getting new spots and I actually think it’s kind of a mild case of pox. I have seen some photos of people literally covered from head to toe in pox so I think I’ve gotten away lightly. My only issue is that some of mine are so large or have kind of blended together with others and I just can’t imagine that they’ll heal very nicely. I’m going to look pretty interesting for the next couple of weeks. No amount of make-up is going to cover these babies.

Also, who knew that weepy, crusty, itchy, painful spots on your skin would be so uncomfortable? I mean, I guess I never really thought about it before but they really feel awful, actually. Along with my mild temp and slight breathing difficulties I think it’s safe to say I am NOT enjoying the chicken pox.

The outlaws delivered us some dinner tonight, which was nice. Kind of annoying though because if I am unwell then they just assume they should help out because naturally the poor widdle baby Beefcake could not handle cooking for the family while I’m sick, oh no. If he’s stricken with man-flu then they just leave me to it. Bastards. Still, hand delivered take-away dinner that we didn’t have to pay for – I am a moron for complaining.

P.S. When I told Beefcake that I told the whole internet that he wouldn’t kiss me he asked if I would change it if he came and kissed me now – I said I would add this post-script. How funny is that though – he is worried you will all judge him harshly. I’m sure that can be turned to my advantage…


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  1. Poor you Ali! I was exposed to chicken pox when I was in England about 10 years ago, and I called my mom in a panic to see if I’d had them as a child, and her only response was to sigh and say, “you know…there were 5 of you…I can’t really remember who had what.” God love her. Once the scabs have dried up, try buying some vitamin e capusles, and piercing them with a pin, and squeezing the vitamin e out and rubbing it on the spots to help them heal and not scar. That’s what the er doctor recommended we do for Sam when he had 6 stitches in his head, and it really did work.

    xo feel better!
    .-= badness jones´s last blog ..Ring Ring! =-.

  2. Oh Ali!!


    I had them as a kid… but I have had shingles as an adult and …. the PAIN the PAIN!

    I second badness’s vitamin e trick. It really works.

    .-= Fe´s last blog ..I should have known better… =-.

  3. creativekerfuffle

    oh no! I hope you feel better soon. and i think it’s funny that beefcake cares what your readers think. : ) the hubs probably wouldn’t kiss me if i had chicken pox either.

  4. Oh Ali! I feel so bad for you. I had chicken pox in 1985 around Easter. My grandma gave me a Michael Jackson purse. I’m not sure what that has to do with anything except I remember that I had chicken pox when she gave it to me. I loved that Michael Jackson purse.

    As far as The Outlaws go, at least they are acknowledging that you are useful by assuming help is needed if you are down and out.

    I hope you are all better soon. The pox may be gross, but you are not. You’re still beautiful beneath those oozing sores!
    .-= Leslie´s last blog ..So I Sing A Song Of Love, Julia =-.

  5. The magic of pawpaw ointment worked over here for healing the scabby bits. The only ones that became scars on the boy are the ones under his cast. The girl had no scars and if I have any they are hidden amongst the pimples and freckles.
    Fingers crossed that you are the only lucky winner of the pox. There was 10 days between the boy recovering and me getting it.
    .-= del´s last blog ..Big Words, More Pain and Dr Google =-.

  6. “..literally covered from head to toe..”
    That was my third child. She was so completely covered there wasn’t a half inch anywhere that didn’t have a blister, including inside her mouth. They seemed to all pop up at once too, once they scabbed over she had the quickest recovery I’ve ever seen. Meanwhile, her brother had mumps and wasn’t happy when his swollen jaw got covered in chicken pox at the same time.

  7. You poor possum, it must feel awful :(.

    I was going to mock you but I can bring myself to while your sick.

    Say hi to Beefcake for me *giggle* *snort* *giggle*


  8. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you will feel better soon and that your husband will make you feel loved too.

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