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I should be in bed

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I bet you’re all wondering what we ended up doing with the devious Rhu.

Well. I have to say that we were pretty shaken up by his untrustworthy behaviour. We have always tried to extend a good deal of trust and respect to him and he has always proven himself worthy of that trust. Really, it was not what we expected from him.

His point was that had he asked us if he could take the afternoon off we would have said no. He has a point but I kind of feel that with only a few days left of school he should just suck it up. Also the next day was a presentation day that involved him spending all of 45 minutes at the school taking Beefcake through his work before being dismissed, it’s not exactly a strenuous week.

So, after he was found out he sobbed and begged and begged and sobbed and howled. He was keen for us to tell the school and not so much for us to tell the other kids’ parents. You see, poor little Rhu was terrified that his mates would be angry with him for giving them away. Quite frankly I knew which boys were involved without his confirmation and I explained to him that we felt we really had no choice as we would wish to be notified if the situation were reversed. We even tried to call both families that night but were unable to get a hold of them.

Now, in the end we were not so keen to talk to the school. They have an instant suspension policy for this type of truancy. Despite the fact that I think he needs to be punished I think suspension is disproportionate to the crime. Also, he really wasn’t fazed by it at all. He was happy to take the school’s consequences, it was his friends that really bothered him.

In the end I think that our calling had an impact. The boys involved told their parents themselves, I am guessing because they were frightened of what would happen if they found out from us.

We won’t be telling the school but we have removed a number of other privileges and social opportunities, which resulted in more wailing and gnashing of teeth so we are fairly sure we hit the mark with the punishments.

Thank you so much for your helpful advice and comments. My first instincts were definitely along the lines of the advice that most of you gave but in the end the way it panned out seems to be for the best.

Also!! And very excitingly, my ex-boss emailed me to say that she was happy for me to head out to the office and photocopy a bunch of reports and things that I wrote. I am so relieved. It will mean that the areas on the 70 point scale that I am really competent in will be easily demonstrated. Unfortunately the Christmas spend and a sudden influx of bills (like the power company who kept forgetting to bill us properly and then slugged us with a mega-bill due Dec 22nd – and a letter of apology for it’s lateness – wow awesome, that makes it all better, thanks!) means that I won’t be able to lodge my forms until January but the process wasn’t really going to get under way until then anyway if I’m being realistic so it doesn’t really matter I guess.

Also, I’m really nervous about going to the office tomorrow. I’m having all of those swirling, anxious thoughts that I get when I am doing something outside of my comfort zone. Like the office inhabitants will all rise up from their desks and encircle me so that they may poke me with sharp sticks and mock me as I lay on the floor whimpering into my flab.  Is that normal do you think or am I unusually pathetic?


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  1. I think your fears of being poked with sticks are probably unfounded, but I’m a big baby about stuff like that too, so I totally get where you’re coming from. I’m betting it will all go great once you get there. Good luck!
    .-= badness jones´s last blog ..Ring Ring! =-.

  2. Well done! It sounds like Rhubarb learned his lesson. I think it’s sensible not to phone the school, as a suspension would be on his record for ever. Of course, if he does it again…

    I would be absolutely uncomfortable about going into an office situation after a long absence. But, realistically, you know they’ll just be really pleased to see you, and will be asking you a gazillion questions (that’s the part that I hate!)

    Good luck!! xoxox
    .-= Fe´s last blog ..You’re amazing… =-.

  3. I totally get the stick thing. I fear that in almost everything I do that involves me leaving the house. Still, it has never proved to be so, so we will hope that no sticks will be poked at you either.

    I’m glad you resolved the Rhubarb situation satisfactorily. You did the very best you could and I agree that instant suspension is a tad harsh.

  4. No-one will poke you! How great that your boss is letting you do this, she sounds ace.
    .-= Stomper Girl´s last blog ..End of Year Tap Christmas Party =-.

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