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I'm blogging now because I know I will forget later.. Happy New Year!

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I don’t know where all of my time goes. I seriously have barely opened my computer since I last blogged. My reader is beyond clogged with everybody’s happy Christmas posting.

I read all of those vampire books. Just in case you haven’t read them. I urge you to steer clear. I should have known better, they were appalling, I really can’t see what people are going on about. I will do everything in my power to make sure that my daughters don’t read them. I can’t imagine a worse model for teen relationships than the one that’s presented in these books. So many things about them annoyed me, way too many elements to list here. Woefully written tripe, I say. Of course there was no need for me to read them all once I had discovered that the first one was awful – I know I have only myself to blame for that stupid little bit of obsessive behaviour. Take my advice though, spare yourself.

I have eaten (probably more than) my own weight in assorted choclates and biscuits and brownies after baking up a storm in the lead up to Christmas. We always over cater but this was beyond ridiculous.

I am always a bit shell-shocked at this time of year, it takes me at least until mid-January to register that it’s all over and there is no more planning to be done or presents to wrap or feasts to cook. I half expect another celebration to spring out from behind a bush and surprise me. It doesn’t help that Rhubarb’s birthday is on the 3rd of Jan. Do you have any idea how hard it is to think up presents to buy and muster up the energy to cook a special birthday meal and treats after the long haul of Christmas? Hard.

Anyway, I am planning on being a better, more consistent blogger next year and so I’m mounting a pre-emptive strike on blogging. See, I’m a planner, me.

Happy New Year everyone. Thank you to all those who have read and commented here this year. Blogging is such a joyous and rewarding part of my life, thanks to you.

I shall be having a leisurely meal with the kidlets and perhaps enjoying a glass of wine if I am lucky. I hope that someone out there is doing some hardcore partying in my stead.

See you in 2010.


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  1. We have a January 24th birthday for the soon-to-be 9yo so I totally sympathise about the shopping thing. I’m just getting my butt in gear now with a bit of online browsing. My friend, whose daughter was born on the 9th, does all the birthday shopping before Christmas.

    And I also went completely FLAT after Christmas because I’d had 4 weeks of intense gearing up for the big day and not a single thing to do afterwards.

    Anyway. Happy New Year to you all. Here’s to more blogging next year!
    .-= Stomper Girl´s last blog ..Holiday Reading and Jammy Dodgers =-.

  2. I have a January baby too, but not till the 30th. I am trying to muster up the courage to face shopping again but there is seriously nothing that he needs for his birthday after the Christmas gift giving madness.

    I don’t think I will be doing any hardcore partying for you, but I could perhaps indulge in a glass of bubbles or three, and maybe an extra for you. Happy new year.
    .-= del´s last blog ..Weekly Winners #13 – the Christmas Edition =-.

  3. Happy new year, Babe. I’ve got a really good feeling about this one. Thanks for being there for me in 2009. You are the best of bloggy friends.
    .-= tinsenpup´s last blog ..Of Childhood Nightmares, Blood and Psychic Dead Kittens =-.

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