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Big girls pants

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I haven’t had a chance to talk much about Grub and what she’s been doing lately. Actually, let’s be honest, I haven’t been talking about the kiddies at all. I’m not very good at this Mummy-type blogging gig am I?


I sense there will be several child-related update posts in the near future.

Today though, I’d like to talk about Grub.

It’s amazing. She is really getting so big and so mature.

She’s almost nineteen months old.

You would not believe how much this child talks. Seriously, she’s my fourth, it’s not like I’m the doe-eyed first time Mummy who thinks her precious baby is a prodigy. Trust me, I know how speech and language development go. BUT. Oh. My. God. I’ve never heard anything like her.  She copies (and understands- then incorporates into her vocabulary) pretty much everything she hears (*ahem*, literally everything she hears…). It’s so sweet, I often hear her practising words so that she can get them just right (of course she doesn’t get them all quite right but she’s 19 months!). I know, I’m bragging but she just blows all of our minds, I can’t get over her.

I guess the obvious benefit of her being able to communicate is that she can, well, communicate. Her ability to tell us what she’s thinking, what she wants etc has lead to her asking us, in recent weeks, to take her nappy off so that she can use the toilet. For months, actually, she has done the odd wee or poo on the toilet but all kids like to give it a try. We sat her there and let her as a novelty really.

Last week though, as it’s been so warm here (read hotter than the Satan’s ring) I thought it would be the ideal time to let her go pant free a fair bit and see how she goes using the potty full time.

I know she’s young – Pudding didn’t toilet train until he was just gone 3 but she just seemed ready, somehow. So, off with the pants, cue asking her every 3.5 seconds if she would like to do a wee. It may seem like a hassle and I’ll admit that we are running slightly low on mopping up towels – mostly from her starting to go somewhere, realising and then leaving a trail between wherever she was and the potty/toilet. The aroma of our house has some distinctive top notes of pine-o-cleen and pee these days and still I am thrilled to bits.

We’ve been out and about all over the place without a nappy and only had a few “accidents”. For the first couple of days she was a bit snippy about using the potty whilst we were out but we’re getting there. It turns out she waayyyyyy prefers to use the toilet, potties are so 2009, donchaknow.

She’ll be in night nappies for a while but being nappy-free during the day is so worth the very small effort we’ve had to put into it. I actually can’t believe how easily this has happened.

We’ve had our fair share of toileting nightmares with the others. Rhubarb took a full year to train, Poss took nearly as long and Beefcake spent countless hours reading stories with her perched on the loo just waiting for a poo to happen. Pudding was relatively easy, he only took two days because we waited until he was three but he did poop all over the floor (and inside of his pants) at my friend’s house just to let me know who was boss.  She already comes and tells us fairly often when she needs to go. It’s almost unbelievable.

There’s just one problem. Do you know hard it is to get undies for a child that is as small as she is. She’s kind of tall and thin and, I mean, she’s nineteen months old! I swear when I trained the big kids you could get undies in size 1-2. In fact I know that you could because when I went to train Pudding I found some old training pants that were tiny – waaayyy to small for a toilet training 3-year-old. Unfortunately the elastic had perished so I chucked them – wish I hadn’t now.

So um, bum! Kind of literally, in my face , all day, every day.  I don’t mind around the house, she likes to be nude and she’s still in the early stages of training really so that’s what’s best but when we go out she needs some sort of modesty cover. I bought her a pack of size 2-3’s but they’re soooo baggy. You could fit two of her in them. They are constantly on the verge of falling down, which I think you’ll agree defeats the purpose of her wearing them.

It’s dress/skirt weather. She has two pairs of shorts that fit her but all of the ones that I bought her for Christmas are too big – she’s really narrow around the hips – thanks to inheriting my “unique” body shape. I think there is nothing for it but to make her some pairs up myself. I have seen a pattern for very small undies somewhere on the internet, I’ll have to chase it up. I can’t think of many less inspiring and more fiddly things to be sewing but there you have it. The girl has to have pants!

So, think of me in the coming days as I try to make becoming undies for my little girl. After all she can barely be called a toddler any more.


P.S. Yes, I know that my photo is blurry but in my defence, Poss drowned the good camera and I have my Iphone and an almost as bad thing that someone gave me for free because they bought a new one. I could go on, I have more excuses. If you would like to hear them feel free to berate me for my inclusion of a blurry photo.


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  1. Rio undies, size 2-3. Wash them in HOT water and the elastic will shrink heaps. It’s the only brand I’ve found that would fit Amy. I got mine at Big W 10 for $9.
    .-= Veronica´s last blog ..It’s hard sometimes. =-.

  2. That’s terrific! I have no advice on buying little undies, but there are lots of shops on etsy that make custom undies, and it you don’t want to do it yourself I’m sure you could find someone there to do it…
    .-= badness jones´s last blog ..Merry Christmas =-.

  3. Congratulations! Inigo has just been through this (at 24 months), and it feels like a real milestone. Life is so much easier without nappies!
    .-= Lara´s last blog ..Conversation =-.

  4. Just buy the smallest size you can and stitch a big tuck in each side seam. Until she grows, then let them out again.

  5. Wow! We know a little boy a bit like this. It’s very odd and a fascinating insight to be having a conversation with such a tiny person. It’s also a good reminder to watch what we say in front of them.

    And geez! How grown up does she look now? She doesn’t look babyish at all in that photo.
    .-= tinsenpup´s last blog ..Of Childhood Nightmares, Blood and Psychic Dead Kittens =-.

  6. Wowee!! How awesome. Dontcha figure that you deserve a break at least on this one thing? Go you.

    How smart is River!!!!??? Great idea with the taking in of the larger ones. Does Australia have the Gerber brand? When I was training Wynnie when she was roughly 12-18 months (I wasn’t successful, mind you, but I tried) Gerber had cutesy little pink size 12-18 month cotton trainer panties. They were a bit more fabricy because they were trainers, but were tiny enough to fit.
    .-= Hyphen Mama´s last blog ..The funny thing about life…. =-.

  7. Yay Grub. The best fit for girl-child as a just trained tiny one were a gift from Pumpkin Patch and were half the size of any other undies! I am now getting used to pants not fitting; girl-child lives in size 3 shorts and boy-child is almost 8 and is still wearing size 2 togs. They both complain that they don’t have a bum, just a crack!
    .-= del´s last blog ..Total Insanity? =-.

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