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Self indulgence and want

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For a long while I have lusted after one of these:


I love it. It is pretty, it comes in a range of lovely colours but this is my fave. It is limey green, green makes me happy and peaceful and serene. The thing about it is, it’s not got the most powerful motor. It’s a bit of a baby motor, if truth be told. Although I love it and would love someone to be willing to spend that amount of money on buying one for me (by that amount I mean lots of dollars by the by), I wondered if there were not something better out there.

It turns out that in Australia we get a bit of a raw deal actually. There are a shit ton of fabulous stand mixers made by Kitchenaid that have tougher motors and better features. The artisan (above) has plastic dough hook and paddle, it is a tilt arm mixer and the motor is a touch pathetic (for the price). I’m a little bit torn. The artisan comes in an array of pretty colours that make me go “oooooooh shiny!” but I just feel they lack substance.

This, does not lack substance:


This is the Professional 600 series. It has a much bigger motor and is a bowl lift mixer, which I have read would be better for my arthritis (grasping at straws much?). It has a stainless steel dough hook and paddle.  It does not come in the same array of pretty enamels but I like the one pictured here or there is a super glossy black or slightly matte black that are both very appealing.

Now, here’s where it gets tricky. You cannot buy this in Australia. You cannot buy it in the UK. You can only buy this baby in the US, with their 110v power. Cue long and very confusing discussions and research of stepdown voltage converters (which cost eleventy seven billion dollars) and may or may not address the issue of frequency as well, which may or may not burn out the motor if it is not addressed correctly.

The problem is that now I have want. Very much want.

I also have such a thing as a dangerously irresponsible and sweetly indulgent husband. It is not often that I get true want. Just occasionally I become so obsessed with an object that I think about it night and day and want, want, want! Truthfully I usually worry about buying myself a new mascara or replacements for my holey undies.

Beefcake has told me to buy it when we get paid. I have told him no, we should save and maybe he could get it for my birthday.

The thing is, it’s a big investment for something that may ultimately not work properly ever or may end up needing a new motor to make it work here but………want?


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  1. Want. Definitely want.

    That said, we used an Artisan in the commercial kitchen for making smaller batches of things (we had a 50litre Hobart mixer out the back for large amounts of things) and even though the artisan has a bit of a pissy motor, it’s really. fucking. good.

    I haven’t used it with the paddle or dough hook though, just the whisk and can I say, awesome?
    .-= Veronica´s last blog ..Facebook and Ehlers Danlos =-.

    • That’s good to know. It’s not like I’d really be disappointed if I end up going for the artisan, I just, kind of want the other one.

    • Thanks for delurking! I have seen this one and I like the fact that it’s a bowl lift but it still has a really small motor and plastic accessories, I feel like you should get stainless for the price, they are lovely though!

  2. I have the baby blue artisan one, and I have to say it has always done the job for me. It is really heavy to lift though, arm wise. I saw the whole range when I visited a kitchen shop when we were in Vegas and they were a) way cheaper and b) more powerful. We discussed it for about an hour with the chap in the shop and decided it would probably explode our electrics. Sadly.

    Jason got me mine for Christmas one year, and it was the best christmas present I have ever had. Good luck.

    • I had a feeling you had one. I think I will probably end up going with an artisan because they are so lovely. I now wish I had never looked at what was on offer in the US. I’m sure I won’t even think about it once I have my shiny new plaything.

  3. Beefcake would love a coffee machine with all the bells and whistles like that. I have to admit it sounds pretty good!

  4. I think you should just move. Come be my neighbour and bake me stuff.

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