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Baby, can you light some incense so I won't be able to smell your feet and the dog's farts so much?

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There is something seriously wrong with our dog. She has the most horrendous gas at the moment. Honestly. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Even when she’s in the next room it drifts in and wraps itself around your face like a suffocatingly warm, stinky scarf. And it stays. Her farts have unparalleled staying power. By the time one dissipates, another has wafted in to take it’s gag-making place.

On the upside, I am a marginally better this week. A bit less nauseous, a bit more energy. I have been able to clean a bit so we are not knee-deep in our own filth. It feels good to be able to muster up the mental energy to plan an activity (such as cleaning the kitchen and putting on a load of washing) and then still have the energy to actually get off my arse and do it. I’ve actually been able to manage pretty much all of the housework, not just one day but every day. I am still sleeping a bit too much – today Beefcake woke me at *ahem* 1pm (how embarrassing) but a couple of weeks ago I would still not have had the energy to get out of bed and do anything after that mammoth sleeping effort. Today I even went to the shops! Small victories people. It is a great comfort to begin to feel that I am coming back to myself, I was beginning to doubt that I was in this shell at all.

Unsurprisingly, my idea of going back to work and reclaiming my career has been put on the back burner. I can’t imagine that I will be able to manage that in the very near future. I have mixed feelings about that. The lazy, insecure part of me is relieved. I will not have to challenge myself. I will not have to test myself against the expectations of my profession and be found lacking. I will not have to try (and fail). Another part of me feels frustrated, caged, angry that I can not go out there and do what I want. There are other multitudes of thoughts and emotions. I am glad to be staying at home with my babies a while longer and I feel lucky to be able to do that. I feel a failure for having not tried harder to go back to work – has the self-sabotaging part of my embraced this being unwell too readily?

Oh my god. What on earth would possess me to think all that shite let alone write it down here for other people to read? I need to learn to just go with the flow. That’s what Beefcake would say.Unfortunately, the flow this evening consists of dog and husband smells swirling around me in a miasma of disgusting. I’m not joking, Beefcake just got so fed up with the smell of his own feet he took his socks outside and I can hear him washing his feet.

Anyway, I’ve decided I am going to try to rejoin the human race again. I have neglected all of my friends. There are people who I have been ignoring completely. I am going to have to suck up to several of my friends for forgiveness. I’m having people over tomorrow, providing I can get the house aired out enough. Nobody should have to suffer through what I’m currently being punished with. There is not enough incense in the world.


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  1. Have you and the kids read Walter The Farting Dog? You should definitely read that. your dog may be related.x

  2. I have had a taste of what you are going through, being laid up with RoboBoot and right now I wish I could give you a hug. A huge warm hug.

  3. Cotton socks for the toxic feet? Glad you are on the mend. I say just heal for now, you can re-think the career later when you’re not dealing with so much.
    .-= Stomper Girl´s last blog ..Mother’s Day 2010 =-.

  4. My dogs make keeper farts too. Especially after they’ve eaten tinned dog food.

    I so understand where you are coming from. I am thankful to be at home with the kids, forced to by Ivy illness but I fond myself feeling frustrated more and more. Caged. I get that it’s a relief though. I really do. It’s that way for me now too, after three years of not working.

    I hope your friend re entry went well. I have been ignoring the world offline and on, so I have two worlds of bridges to build. It’s daunting.

    Also, hope you start to feel better soon.
    .-= tiff´s last blog ..Motherhood. =-.

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