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I think about blogging every day. I mean to but I just don’t have the energy to invest most days. I feel sorry for that. Most of all because I am not documenting stuff about the kids that I know I’ll forget.

I feel guilty about not commenting. I keep a ton of posts unread so that I can go back and comment later. Some people’s posts go completely unread so that I can save them for a time when I can really concentrate and give them the attention they deserve. None of it happens. I feel more guilty.

I have a couple of award/memes that I really intend to do but have still not gotten around to. There are one or two people who I really need to post about and link to because they’ve done something lovely for me. I haven’t done that either.

In short, as a blogger, I rock.


Today I went to a local hospital and lay on my stomach in a cold room that smelled of alcohol swabs. I lay still, breathing only when a machine with an American accent told me that I could, as the techs took x-rays and made marks on my back. A doctor came in and introduced himself, he swabbed my back with betadine and injected a small amount of local anaesthetic into the skin around my sacrum (triangular shaped bone at the back of pelvis). He and a tech, dressed head to toe in protective gear, turned on the CT machine and I lay perfectly still as they slowly inserted a long needle into the joint between the sacrum and ilium. Once the doctor was sure that the needle was positioned just right he injected a mixture of coritsone and local anaesthetic into the SI joint. He said “there will be a bit of a sting” but what I felt was the most agonising and profoundly wrong sensation I have ever had to endure.

I am au fait with pain, I consider myself a  pretty tough cookie. This made me whimper and weep. To lie perfectly still while he inflicted this on me went against every instinct. And then he did it again, the second side was worse. They told me it was so bad because the area is extremely inflamed. The steroid injections sends all the inflamed muscles into spasm. They are still spasming merrily away.

So now I have to wait. It should be a week or so before we know if it will help. I really hope that it does. Also, I hope it doesn’t because if it makes me all better  for a while then it means I will have to do it again. I will need a serious dose of sedatives to tackle that.


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  1. Hugs babe. I wouldn’t worry about being a ‘bad’ blogger. You’re coping with the things that most need done, and the rest can wait. I hope that your pelvis will cut you some slack really really soon.
    .-= badness jones´s last blog ..Damage Control =-.

  2. You poor chook – that sounds excruciating. I once had to sit outside a hospital room while a friend had a lumbar puncture, and I still remember the screams 20 years later.

    .-= Lara´s last blog ..I love this room =-.

  3. Holy Moley Ali! I hope it works too, you don’t want that sort of awfulness for nothin’!

    And I agree, you’ve had a lot of things on your plate, so don’t stress about other people’s blogs. Concentrate on your own stuff now, write your blog when you can, and do a liberating “clear all” on your feed reader. You don’t need the guilt. We’ll see you when you’re ready. Cx
    .-= Stomper Girl´s last blog ..Typhoid Climber =-.

  4. OUch ouch ouch ouch!

    .-= Veronica´s last blog ..Blogging long term. =-.

  5. Fark. I really do hope it works and that you are in for some good pain-free time.

    And I agree with stomper, just clear all on your feed reader. Blogs are great, but they’re not worth guilt energy.

  6. That sounds excruciating. I think I hope that it does give you some relief so you can a pain reduced/pain free second or three to find yourself. Thinking of you, take care.
    .-= Del´s last blog ..My Day Was Not As I Planned =-.

  7. oh dear. That sounds truly horrific. Poor, poor you. I wish the joint fairy (as in body joints) would visit you in the night and take all your ouches away. That’s what I wish. Much less painful too.

  8. Oh, ouch. That sounds horrific. I hope you don’t have to endure it again, but I hope that it works. Oh, ouch.

    As for the blogging, I could have written your first paragraph. I guess I rock, too.
    .-= alejna´s last blog ..visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites =-.

  9. shit shit shit shit. Ouch just didn’t seem a strong enough word to type out as I am sitting here cringing at your level of pain. Jeezus woman that is a pretty severe treatment.
    .-= kim(frogpondsrock)´s last blog ..Oooooh look a wedgetail eagle… =-.

  10. Oh babe, you are a rockstar.

    I have decided to suffer with the shoulder pain than go through that. Cause I am a real wimp when it comes to that sort of shit.
    .-= Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo´s last blog ..Tight muscles. Craptacular crafters. Chipmonks must die. Naked male models serving breakfast. =-.

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