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Two days, 5 hours of interviews and assessment, 1 comment

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All in all, the healthcare professionals that I have spoken with over the last two days have been caring and sensitive to the fact that my ongoing chronic pain has left me somewhat emotionally fragile. They have had an understanding of the fact that rehashing my entire personal history, not just medical (and I mean entire) for their benefit over and over again may be a little exhausting.

The  physiotherapist that I saw for my last appointment today, not so much.

“So, you’re saying that your main goal in getting some relief from your pain is to be able to clean the house then”

I think she was making some sort of joke.

Instead of amused, however, I felt deeply embarrassed and belittled.

Dear stupid physio

When you asked me how my chronic pain condition affects my day to day activities, I naturally thought of the things that, as a stay-at-home-mum, I try and get done each day. I was trying to express to you just how little I am actually capable of getting done. I do apologise that my daily tasks are not glamorous or valuable. We can’t all be as important as you.

By the way, it didn’t make it better when you tried to bring up the fact that I used to have a proper job, just so you know.

You suck.


Unworthy Me


Next Tuesday I go to hear the verdict from all of those assessments. The way it was described to me, I shall sit in a chair on one side of the room, while the whole team will sit opposite me. We shall have a discussion.

It will be most relaxing and not at all stressful.


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  1. Ugh! I HATE that you are forced to deal with complete idiots and assholes while you’re unwell and vulnerable. You deserve so much better than this. They seriously better have some magic to offer you after all that! You should feel cared for and nurtured right now. Not doubted and ridiculed. Once again I’m too angry to speak coherently. I’m really sorry you have to put up with this shit, Ali.

    • Thank you M. I felt a lot better after writing that, stupid cow. I do wonder at a pain management unit where by nature many (if not all) of the patients will be suffering from anxiety and depression using this model of care though. I’ll bet very few of them, if any have suffered from chronic pain.

  2. damned health professionals………..sigh……nice to see you
    blogging again.

  3. Playing catch up and reading and commenting in chronological order, without cheating.
    Stupid physio – I am fit and healthy(ish) and my goal is to be able to clean the house too! It IS the little things that make everything so much better.

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