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Blanket, boobs, beef, Beefcake and a birthday

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On Saturday, the in-laws offered to babysit so that we could have a day to ourselves. We planned a day of spending my birthday money capped of with a lovely dinner out to celebrate my birthday early (I turned 34 on Monday).

The shopping was a bit of a necessity as my recent weight loss has left me sadly short on clothing. I have been buying things here and there, I even bought a decent pair of jeans a few months ago – way too tight as I figured I’d shrink into them. Shrink into them I did, unfortunately, I also shrank out of them. They’ve gone from skinny jeans to baggy jeans that fall down when I put them on. It’s pretty much the same story with all of my clothes – and bras.

My boobs have been hit hard.

I hate the thought of spending more money on clothes that I might shrink out of but I have to have something to wear so I had no choice, really. No choice but to spend money on myself, poor me.

I prepared by giving Beefy strict instructions to monitor my size choices. As I’ve gotten smaller, my brain has not been able to keep up. The size I wear now is about the smallest I’ve been since having kids. In my mind though, I am a couple of sizes bigger and I automatically grab things that are too big. When I look in the mirror, what I see doesn’t match up with the sizes that I fit into.

Way to be weird brain.

Anyway, Saturday was fantastic, we spent hours shopping and my body didn’t start playing up badly until the very end. Shopping without even one child, what can I say? I had forgotten shopping could be like that. I don’t get out alone much, I need Beefy there just in case* so that usually means at least one child. If it wasn’t for the fact that we can’t afford for me to develop a hardcore shopping habit, I’d be hitting the grandparents up for a lot more babysitting.

I bought what felt like millions of things for myself. All for me! I’d like to be able to say it went against the grain or some such but in fact it was remarkably easy.

Luckily, there were plenty of sales on so I could replenish my wardrobe with a few cheap tops plus one or two nice things (and a bra that was labelled “first bra” but the less said about that the better). A dress to wear to dinner (I never wear dresses so it was a personal favour to Beefy), and the crowning glory of my purchases. A sarape, which I just had to google the name of – I call it “my blanket”. Basically, it’s a poncho that’s not joined in the middle. I’d just finished trying on a hooded poncho (don’t judge me!), something that had taken my fancy once I was in full shopping frenzy, when I walked past the rack that held the sarape. It was instant love, giddy, swoon-worthy love. I know it might be a bit unusual but I am determined to honour my love and wear it whenever possible. It is black and therefore goes with everything.

It’s a bit like this one:

Image from here.

I wore it to the school pick up today. It was freezing and it really was just like wearing a nice warm blanket. I was a bit worried about looking silly but then I remembered that I like feeling warm. I will try to remember to get a photo of myself in mine tomorrow, I look awesome.

Anyway, after shopping there was just enough time for a bath (A BATH ALONE!), getting dressed and heading to dinner. I wore my new dress and my blanket.

We are lucky enough to live very close to a great restaurant strip and literally two minutes away is a place that we love. We’ve only been able to afford it once before but it made a big impression. There’s something about it that I find instantly relaxing. Actually, I know what it is, the lighting is low and unlike many restaurants, it’s lovely and quiet. Quiet, bliss.

Also, the food is to die for. We had the chateaubriand, meltingly tender and rare with a bearnaise that was mindblowing. Again, bliss.

About halfway through dinner I mentioned to Beefy that it would be lovely if we didn’t have to race to pick up the kids after we ate. It was then that I realised that I really, really didn’t want to drive the half an  hour each way to get them. It only took a minute to convince Beefy that they would love it and he was on the phone to the in-laws. Our poor kids, we hadn’t packed them p.j.’s or anything but at that point I could have cared less really. I know, I’m a terrible mother.

And so it was that Gecko had her first ever night away from us. We were a bit sentimental about it for just the teeniest nanosecond and then we finished our bottle of wine and forgot all about them. Actually, we were enjoying ourselves so much that it took us a while to realise that it would be her first night away from us.

We probably should have gone out and done something really exciting but it felt pretty wonderful to just come home to a quiet house and watch some movies in bed.

We spend time alone maybe once or twice a year** but Saturday made me realise we have to try and do it a bit more often. We love being with our kids but the mental break was unbelievably restful and it was less than 24 hours! We’re going to aim for a few hours every couple of months, I don’t care if we pack some sandwiches and go for a drive, it’s going to happen.

In the end, getting to spend time with my husband was better than the shopping or the steak (okay, maybe not better than the steak). I feel pretty lucky that we enjoy each other’s company that much.



* Just in case I hurt myself. Like the time that we were shopping a while back and I wandered off to try and find tights for Gecko. I bent down to look at the sizes on one of the lower racks and “clunk” out went my left hip. I was stuck there, muscles spasming wildly, in too much pain to even yell out for Beefy. I eventually managed to hop and drag myself close enough to where he was so that he could hear me and it was all okay. Still, it was horrible enough that I don’t risk it now.

** Not according to Poss. She’s nearly 13 but she’s going through a phase of wanting to be really close to us. When I told her that she would be going to her grandparent’s for the day, so that Daddy and I could spend time together and go shopping, she asserted that we spend heaps of time together. She was most insulted that we would want MORE. I mean, Beefy only works until 2am most nights, that leaves us the five and a half hours between then and the time Beefy gets up in the morning to get everyone ready for school. You’ve got to laugh really.


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  1. I bought clothes last week. I realised it was the first time since I was pregnant and needed maternity wear.

    The whole thing sounds wonderful. Happy Birthday!

    Also I think I want a blanket.

    • I can go such long periods without buying a thing for myself. It must be a mum thing, I always look at things for the kids, I love buying things for them so I guess I forget about myself sometimes.

  2. Happy birthday Ali.

    Actually having time to relax and enjoy peace and quiet – what a wonderful way to spend your day. And yes you and Beefy should escape more often!

  3. happy birthday hon!!!!
    glad you got to go shopping and enjoy yourself!!
    I have a shawl that I love.I got it in an op shop for $5 and I wear it to bits.Its kinda like 2 long strips sewn together but only half way.Cant remember the name of it but I use it all the time.

    • Thanks. Sounds like it’s a similar shape to my blanket. Beautiful op shop finds make me so happy. They’re just more satisfying somehow. It’s like you’ve found a hidden treasure.

  4. Happ Birthday!!

    Sounds like a lovely evening :-)

  5. sounds like a blissful day.

    And I have 8 of those ‘wraps’ well that is what I call them anyway.

    Got a gorgeous orange one the other day… and a leopard print in greys to die for.

    • Ooh, they sound lovely. I am a big wrap girl too, I hadn’t thought about the fact that this is pretty much the same. That’ll be the brain finding tricky ways around my tendency to tell myself “you don’t need another one of those!”, way to be tricksy brain! It’s very big though and is shaped with a definite back and neck cut out and things so that makes it totally different, see how my brain keeps doing that? Heh.

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