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  1. It’s not fair to have your body continually turn on you like this. Mastitis – seriously, what next? Nice looking bread though. I’m trying to eat low carb because my body is having real issues with sugars and high GI carbs lately. It is REALLY hard. Mmmmm…bread…(drools).

    • Agreed. It is an arsehole, my body. I am always on a low carb diet. Have been for about 11 years, you get used to it. More importantly, your body gets used to it and you stop craving them. I just try a small piece of bread when I bake usually, PCOS and carbs don’t mix.

  2. Stupid bodies not playing nicely. Can’t your body give you a break eventually. I am hoping for a miraculous recovery overnight or at least a productive gp visit.

    I’m with tinsenpup – mmmmmm… bread Being gluten intolerant I miss real bread.

    • The body better bloody cut me some slack or there will be consequences. I don’t really know how that will work but mark my words. Yeah, I don’t eat it either but I love to bake – not that I can even knead bread anymore, which is a major part of the fun. Again, bastard body, thank goodness for the kitchenaid.

  3. Is it feeling any better today?

    • Very late reply to this question but the answer is, kind of, maybe. I still can’t stand to have the fabric of my clothing brushing against it but we think it looks a bit less swollen and discoloured. Of course, you can only stare at a boob so much before it starts to mess with your vision. Off to gp tomorrow.

  4. Hi, I’m a new follower of Veronica’s and saw your comment and had to ask… have you been around anyone who’s had strep lately?

    When I was about 12, I managed somehow to get a strep infection – the kind you usually get in your throat – in my left nipple. The pain was UNREAL, and the swelling / discoloration etc similar to what you’ve described. I couldn’t bear to have ANYTHING touching my breast – even air moving around inside my shirt (as I pulled it out a foot in front of me so it wouldn’t touch my skin) was painful. Any twitch or turn while I was sleeping would wake me, screaming.

    It really threw the doctors for a loop (who ever gets strep breast?!?) but when they finally hit on the idea of strep and did a culture (about which, the less said the better), the lab confirmed it. No notion as to how it decided to take up residence *there*, but that was a year of medical oddness for me anyway.

    I think most streps are susceptible to most antibiotics, especially the stronger ones, so it’s a long shot at best – seems like three days of antibiotics would have bought you SOME relief if it was strep – but I thought I’d mention it anyway. Hope you feel better, and your bread looks lovely!

    • It does seem like an infection, doesn’t it? I haven’t been around anyone with strep that I know of but who knows really. I am a bit concerned now that the antibiotics aren’t working. Maybe she’ll have to try something different, back to the gp tomorrow.

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