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  1. boob is such a nice round word. I hope everything goes well :) love to you

  2. They WILL work and it WILL be fine.

    I know what you’ve been googling and I am sitting here, holding your virtual hand and telling the Universe to get fucked, it’s not allowed. xxx

  3. The antibiotics will work, it will be okay. I’m crossing everything I can and sending out positive vibes for you.

  4. Yes, definitely stop googling boobs. It’ll only lead you astray. If warm wishes and happy thoughts count for anything those anti-biotics will kick this thing in no time.

  5. Oh darling girl.. I know this one. The fear. But I believe that the universe will keep it’s side of your promise. And you know that I don’t believe that “fairness” per se exists… but I think that really only applies to emotional and spiritual “fairness”. Physical fairness is a totally different ballgame.

    I’m a crap commenter. CRAP. But I’m here … always…. especially if the anti-biotics don’t work (although they will)


  6. PS… I haven’t been able to breathe properly since reading this post. I didn’t want to comment in case I said the wrong thing. But then I couldn’t stay not commenting. It’s 4 days now. Please let us know. xoxoxoxxo

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