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Everything is bright green

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We’re expecting visitors (Beefy’s friend who I’ve never met plus his wife and his brother). They’re just stopping in overnight on the way back to Sydney – the tail end of a road trip. I’ve known this for a while but now it feels like decidedly bad timing.

The bad timing hasn’t stopped me from going into full-blown clean and pretty-up the house mode. I’ve stopped short of hiring a bulldozer, knocking off our lean-to bathroom and building an addition for them to stay in – but only just.

On Saturday we had to attend a family function, which was the last thing the boob and I wanted to do. I was pretty wiped out after that so got nothing done.

Sunday I dragged Beefy outside to help me organise  our accumulated backyard junk. I talked him into taking the circular saw to an old door as I needed another shelf in the loungeroom. When it was cut I thought I’d just add a light coat of lovely green paint (vibrant grass green, a colour that seems to pop up in our house a lot, don’t know why*). I just painted the bottom of the door/shelf to cover the disgusting mission brown and I was quite pleased.

As that had all gone so well and I wasn’t exhausted I ended up on somewhat of a roll. I have a habit of undertaking major house changes on a whim. I get all fired up and Beefy has learned to just go along for the ride, bless him.

I suggested that a virulent green ceiling and white walls would be a much better bathroom colour scheme than the light turquoise that reminds me of hospitals for some reason. He agreed but was quite sure there would not be enough paint. I, in turn, declared that there would be enough but we compromised and agreed on painting the manky creme ceiling.

I was so eager to see it done that my usually careful cutting in was quite slapdash and I made a huge bit of a mess. I (truthfully) explained that it hurt my arms/wrists/hands to paint so slapdash was easiest. At this point he still thought we would eventually paint the walls white.

I then suggested we paint just one wall green.

We have a green bathroom now (photos to follow). I adore it but, well, let’s put it this way, it has wow factor.

Yesterday I woke up very sore and sorry for myself but as the madness still has a hold of me, I painted the underside of all of the other loungeroom shelves green. In my bathrobe.

In typical me style I brought the paint in before I had removed any of the books and photos from the shelves. We ended up with a large mound covering our entire loungeroom floor. Beefy didn’t say a word. Bless him.

I think he knows that I have to keep myself ridiculously busy right now.

The second course of antibiotics didn’t work. My breast is swollen and very, very sore. It is a funny shade of purple and well, other odd stuff, which you don’t want to know about.

Ultrasound is on Thursday afternoon.



*I love this shade of green. It makes me very happy. Our kitchen has a wall this colour. Also our bedroom curtains. And our shower curtain.


11 responses

  1. Motherfucker to your boob again.

    I like green. I know how you feel about making major changes all at once. I do that too.

  2. I hate that you are going through this. And I hate that I have been there. And the only thing about that that you need to read here is that I’m here, nearly 10 years later.

    And I’ll use my FF points to fly down to you in heartbeat, should you need me to kick that mo’fo’s ass for you.

    Cause I know how to do that.

    (but you won’t need that.. you won’t.)

    • Thank you my love. I have thought of you often since this started. I know if I need some help conquering the unnamed enemy that you will be there. But I also KNOW that I won’t need it. I have to know that for the moment. If I dive too deep into the “what ifs” then I nearly drown.

  3. PS… I LOVE bright green!!! LOVE it! It’s my happy colour.

  4. I need photos, but so far I’m thInking that colour is good; the brighter the better. I was all light blue and subdued tones until Ly was born. Now I’m all achingly bright rainbows. I just can’t seem to get enough colour. Busy is also good in my mind, even when fringed with just a hint of mania (boob-induced or otherwise).

  5. Green is good. It is thursday. I will be thinking about you all day. I have more plates I want to make for you so tell your boob to behave itself.

    • It’s Thursday, it snuck up on me. I’m freaking out. Thank you. I haven’t told any of my non-online friends and I lied to my Mum and sister and told them boob was better. They are the freaking out queens and I couldn’t face it so your support is all I’ve got (apart from Beefy). xxxxx

  6. Oh lovey. I am hoping that the boob thing is just aggravating and that is all. Am thinking/hoping/praying hard for you.

    Loving the idea of bright green bathroom. Definitely need to see pics.xx

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