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  1. Yay for it being nothing major!

  2. Tears of relief here. Bloody stupid bastard body!!! xoxox

  3. oh, I am so pleased it was nothing serious. I have been checking in about twice a day since your last post just to see how you are. Hope you heal asap.xx

  4. Gosh, that is a crazy injury! But rather that than the horrible alternative, you poor thing. I hope it does recover soon. I pulled all the ligaments holding my ribs together when I gave birth to Amy and it was sooooo hard to rest them, you just aren’t aware of how much work those muscles on your torso do everyday!

  5. This is good news from you finally! And I think this is the first time you’ve actually been able to tell a story of decent, prompt and respectful medical care! I’m so happy and relieved for you. I’m just sorry that you have yet more pain to endure before it heals.

  6. Phew. Now I can add another silly excuse to my list of procrastinators. I can say,”I cant possibly do the dishes, sweep the floor, etc etc in case I strain my boob” Thank you Ali I might not have to do housework ever again.

  7. Relieved that it’s nothing sinister. Would it make you feel better if I told you I had an embarrassing boob injury? In fact, it was a day I managed to get myself 4 separate injuries. Even my friends, who know I’m the most accident prone person in the history of the world were kind of surprised.
    Accident-1 Fall down steep, wet driveway, skin both knees and an elbow – flash knickers at street.
    Accident 2 – Smack Head HARD on Car door while strapping Sammy into his seat. See stars. Pretty.
    Accident 4 (saving 3 for last) On beach, chasing Sam. Fall on shoulder. This was last August. Hasn’t healed. Thank you Fibromyaglia.
    Accident 3. Get in way of 3 year old little girl (not mine) having tantrum. Go to grab my child out of way as she slams door. ON.MY.NIPPLE. F ME. I thought she’d busted the entire thing open. Nope. Just a straight line down the entire (embarrassingly sizeable areola) and a bruise over a good chunk of my boob. Took weeks to go away.

    Feel better. Who else could get their BOOB actually slammed in a door by a petulant 2/3 year old?

    Just me, my friend. We’re like kindred spirits. Or our boobs are, at least. They’d be BFFs. <3

    • I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before on this blog but I shall repeat. My friends say that it’s not a real party until I’ve fallen over and hurt myself, and usually broken something. I have to say though, that nipple accident, wow, that’s….. Wow. I can’t imagine how much that must have hurt! Ow! I think only you and I could achieve such a thing, we are indeed kindred spirits. I actually had a massive fall last week and have bruises and grazes all up and down my forearms as a reward. Also a badly bruised little toe which was actually what caused the fall, such a crazy complicated fall that I thought only I could achieve it. Now I see you are my equal in clumsiness. It’s good to know I’m not alone, you provide that for me in multiple ways.

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