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So, I did it again, dropped out of online life completely. I feel quite guilty, missing so many things in people’s lives because I care and I miss everyone and I genuinely want to be around but this time it’s just been absolutely vital that I have a break.

As I already mentioned, our friend B passed away. Now, both of her daughters are just about my closest friends in the world and there were aspects of that loss that were very hard to cope with (aren’t there always).

Whether through stress or just my body deciding to fuck with me, I’ve developed new strange symptoms and been pretty consistently crap, nothing new.

Then to cap it off, just over a fortnight ago, we lost Beefy’s uncle, someone who was quite special in our lives. We saw him just the day before and although he didn’t really know that we were there he knew that people were there laughing and telling stories about him and being a family. I’m so glad we decided to go that day.

The real clincher on the horror that has been the last few months is that Beefy’s uncle also happens to be the father-in-law of one of my dear friends who lost her mum B – her partner is Beefy’s cousin.

They just had their second baby, between B’s passing and Beefy’s uncle’s passing. Joy and pain intermingled. How do you make sense of that much life change in such a short space of time?

So you see, I would have been coming here and sharing all of the sad and horrible and the crap, and I didn’t really feel inclined to do that.

I’ll try to get around to everyone’s blogs, I need to catch up on evryone’s news.

I have lots of news to share too.

Nice stuff, I promise.


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  1. SO much sadness. SO awful. And I hate that you’ve got horrible and crappy new symptoms. You SO deserve lovely stuff to be happening.

    Missed you


  2. You have been through the wringer – sorry to hear it. Good to see you back though.

  3. You have been missed. I figured you were just taking some time. It sounds like awful times. So sad. I’m really glad you’re back online, Ali.

  4. Oh. I’m so sorry. You’ve all been through so much. Much love to you, Ali.

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