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I’m Ali, mum to four kids, who are the light of my life:

Rhubarb – 15*
Poss – 12*
Skunky – 5*
Gecko – 2*

Married to Beefcake**, a husky, gingerish fellow that I quite like.

I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, which means chronic pain. I am ever hopeful that I will get to a point where pain is no longer a daily part of my life.

I am currently a stay at home Mum and am lucky enough to have my lovely husband work from home so that he can look after me (when I need it, which is most of the time) and we can wrangle the children together.

I love to cook, all sorts of things but particularly those that are of the baked variety. Nothing beats baked goods.

I love to knit and to sew, when my hands (and enough of the other painful parts)are being co-operative.

I love to read – I am a complete fantasy nerd, and I have a tendency to get so completely drawn in to the worlds of fictional characters that I wander about behaving as I feel they might. Not a conscious thing but something I have noticed about myself over the years – I must be so much fun to live with.

I write about my relationships, with my kids, my husband and extended family; about my health – it can be pretty all consuming sometimes; and about a lot of other things depending on the weather or which colour I’m wearing.

I overuse punctuation and have a bad case of chronic adjective overuse syndrome (CAOS). It’s bad, someone needs to remove the part of my brain that houses superlatives.

I spend much of my time in bed and blogging is an amazing release, it’s somewhere I can go even when I can’t go anywhere.


* I use pseudonyms to refer to my children on this blog as they all have very uncommon names and I don’t fancy the idea of them floating about the internet for all eternity,

** I use a pseudonym to refer to my husband as that is his wish, it is also his wish that I choose a better pseudonym for him but that is just tough titties really.


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