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It would appear that the whole returning to blogging thing is  going to take a leeettle bit more conscious effort on my part. Who would’ve thought?

Weeks just seem to disappear on me and I don’t know where I put the time that I used to make for semi-regular blogging, I shall have to find it again.

So I promised good and happy things.

One especially happy (and bitey) thing that came into our lives recently is this:

She is both a delight and a menace. I am particularly unimpressed with the holes in Gecko’s new summer clothes but then she does dangle them in front of Berry and giggle hysterically when she bites.

There was much debating about breeds and things, I favoured another lab because I love our big black girl and I don’t particularly like small dogs and Beefy was adamant that we have a smaller dog that sheds less hair. Gladdy the black lab sheds a ridiculous amount and we find it EVERYWHERE. In the end we settled on a Spoodle and, despite some bickering over which pup would be ours, Beefy and I agreed in the end. It was quite pain-free (considering that we are two very stubborn individuals), actually. We both liked Berry as we walked into the yard and although we got distracted by all of the cute and the puppy (so much divine puppy) we really knew that she was destined to come home with us. She looked very different from all of her mottled and curly coated siblings, favouring the cocker side of the family.  I’m not so sure that bodes well for her low-shedding qualities but we love her nonetheless.

Gladdy reacted very badly to the presence of Berry. She refused to look at us (or the pup) or come when called for the first week. I never knew she was so accomplished when it came to pouting. We bought the puppy in the hopes of bringing a bit of life back to our aging (8yo) dog but she steadfastly refused to play or interact at all with Berry. Even showing very uncharacteristic aggression towards her. We paid Gladdy lots of attention and kept pup from annoying her as much as possible but it took four full weeks for Glad to begin playing with and accepting her. I don’t think that was helped by Glad’s unfortunate vulva abrasions (injury by puppy)or the fact that Berry kept nipping at her belly in an attempt to get milk. Now though, they play loudly and often, Berry is even mimicking Glad’s behaviours. It’s lovely to watch.

Now if only she’d learn to pee outside consistently. She’s figured out that pooping inside is a no-no but weeing is a bit hit and miss still. Glad was so easy to train, she was horrified at the thought of doing her business inside after a week or so at home with us but Berry believes the world is her toilet.

So, there you go, a puppy – doesn’t get much happier than that.

I have a lot more to offload. I’m sure the two people who read this will be dying to receive a comprehensive update on my ever-intruiging clusterfuck of a body. Ooh, ooh, I’ve also got delightful tales of idiocy concerning the father of my eldest two children.

Stay tuned.