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Oh dear, what will mother say!

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We’ve been having a rough time financially lately. It’s a combination of the cost of all of my medications and Beefy’s greatly decreased income (he gets paid in pounds so our income has gone down A LOT in the last couple of years). We’re fine, it’s just that we have to plan really carefully how we spend our money and we have to limit buying nice things. To get my forearm tattoo I sold a heap of my clothes and things on Ebay. It was the only way I could feel okay about spending the money and it was something I had been looking forward to for so long. It was a real boost to my mental health (I know that permanently and painfully marking your skin might seem a strange way to do that but there you have it).

I am sure that many, many people are in exactly the same situation as we are, it makes it really special when we can buy something purely indulgent. Today we were able to pay off a layby that has been going for a while. It was mostly boring things, P.J.s for the little kids, some shoes, socks for one of the bigger kids, a dirty clothes bin for us (ours disintegrated a few months ago) and some towels. It was so fun though, to open up those packages. I had forgotten exactly what we had bought and the kids were so excited to get some new things.

Beefy got a coffee machine that he had been wanting for ages. I can manage about one cup of coffee a week (if that) so I think he’s a bit disappointed that he can’t experiment and serve me cup after cup. He’ll be rattling about the house for the next month on a caffeine high. He doesn’t do things in moderation. I got four lovely bright green mugs to add to our assorted chipped ones. They’re gorgeous, vibrant green (my favourite colour) with different patterns on them.

After we picked up our things we had to duck in to the supermarket to grab some emergency food (our cupboard was bare and the shopping order doesn’t get delivered until tomorrow evening). I walked ahead with the small children and started the shopping, capitalising on the time I am able to be upright. Poss caught up with us and it took me a few minutes to realise that Beefy wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

Now, he had mentioned something about getting his ears pierced and I really hadn’t taken him seriously. AT. ALL.

When I met Beefy he was unscathed by tattoos or piercings. I vaguely remember him saying something about keeping his body pure. Needless to say I soon corrupted him. To commemorate our wedding we had a very small design of a girl and a boy dancing together inked on our upper arms. It beautifully complimented his mother’s anger at not being allowed to control the wedding. I was taking him away from her AND I had ruined her child’s skin, she was thrilled*. Later we got another matching design. His on the centre of his chest, mine on my rib cage. Tattoos are addictive. I don’t want to be covered in them but I love all of mine (I have five now) and they are, for the most part, easy to conceal if I don’t want to show them off. I think they are beautiful.

Beefy would like to have more tattoos but he has never really wanted any body piercings. I have my tongue done and I sometimes wear a nose ring. I pierced my own eyebrow with a safety-pin but I let that one heal over, I don’t wear my navel ring any more either. Really, you would never know to look at me that I had any piercings or tattoos at all. The tongue stud is actually quite hard to notice during an everyday interaction. I have to open my mouth quite wide for anyone to see it and I don’t do that when I speak.

So, back to what I was saying. I continued on with the shopping and a little while later he appeared with BOTH EARS PIERCED. I am not opposed to this look on men. I quite like it actually but I was surprised that he did it on such a whim. It is becoming more common to see a man with both ears done but Beefy said the woman doing the piercing asked repeatedly if he was sure he wanted it.

I can’t wait to see how his mother reacts. I know she let him have one ear done in the eighties when he was in the midst of a nasty Mr T bogan phase (ginger mullet and all- the horror!). I think she’s just as likely to pretend she doesn’t mind it. She tries very hard to be the cool mother who’s down with the young people. If you watch closely you can see her squirming though. Not that I enjoy that sort of thing, you know, payback and all of that, me? Never…..

I know, I am irretrievably evil.

*It’s quite funny actually, there is not one photo of her smiling during the wedding ceremony or reception. She maintained a determinedly disgruntled scowl throughout.

Tattooed lady

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I’ve been wanting this piece for ages. It’s based on an art nouveau wall panel design by Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh. I’m a very happy woman right now.