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As I hulaed (Wii fit) my great big arse off this afternoon, I was reminded of how cruel and tactless children can be.

Rhubarb: “Hah! Wow mum, you have a really funny looking bum!”

Me: “Ah, really?”

Rhubarb: “Yeah, it’s like you’ve got four bum cheeks or something. It’s like a bum four-pack.”

Poss: “Hahaha. Yeah, you do Mum, it’s really funny.”

Me: “Yeah, thanks guys, that’s great.”

Beefcake: (obviously hadn’t been listening properly) “Surely you want a four pack?”

Me: “Not on my arse!”

Beefcake (trying to defend my arse’s honour): “Oh, look kids, (adjusts my clothing so they can see better) that’s top bit is just swelling from Mum’s dodgy pelvis*.”

Rhubarb: “Oh, right, well, it still looks funny**.”

Yeah, charming. I wonder does anyone else have such charming children??

* I am well aware that Wii hulaing is perhaps ill advised when my pelvis is misbehaving and swollen, to the point of causing my children to fall about on the floor in fits of hysterics. I am not terribly good at accepting my limitations in this area.

**When Rhubarb realised I had been a touch offended, this evening, I got an apology. I suppose he may not be completely evil and heartless.


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  1. My children told me on Sunday: You are the fattest person we know. Which was nice I thought.

    Homeofficemum’s last blog post… Life’s little annoyances

  2. You are not fat! And now I want a Wii!

    badness jones’s last blog post… Random sleepy thoughts…

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